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Online HD Video Downloader that Works On all Streaming and social sites.

HD Downloader
HD Downloader

If you want to download HD videos from all sorts of streaming and social media websites, you need to connect with an online video downloader tool. You must know that there are plenty of downloader services on the internet, and it can be exceedingly difficult for you to pick the most reliable one for video downloading.

We have listed the top free and reliable video download tools to save content from your favourite websites in today’s post. 

The list below contains both open source and commercial video downloaders!

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Best video downloader tools that can work on all sites!

Best video downloader tools that can work on all sites!
Best video downloader tools that can work on all sites

Try using these services as they are handpicked based on their friendly and easy use. 

Video downloader by SmallSEOTools 

Video downloader by SmallSEOTools
Video downloader by SmallSEOTools 

The video downloader by smallseotools is a well-known service. This tool is one out of hundreds of free tools offered by this site. The working of the video downloader is simple and elegant.

A user can utilize this tool and save videos like a pro, even with zero experience. You have to copy the domain/URL of the clip that you want to save and paste it into the tool’s designated box.

The video would be saved in your local storage in less than minutes and your desired format. The smallseotools online video downloader has integrations with billions of sites, so it can save content from anywhere you want.

Video downloader for Chrome

The video downloader for Chrome is an extension service that you can add to your browser. This utility can help you save content from all websites that you can open with Chrome. This downloader tool can save videos in less than minutes because of its advanced algorithms. This tool is capable of saving video content in all sorts of formats. You can not only save a single clip, but you can also save multiple videos in one go. The utility is amazingly easy and light to use. 


This software tool can help you save content from YouTube and all other video surfing websites. This tool can not only help you save videos from the web, but it can also help you in converting the format of the video clips to your desired ones. This downloader supports multiple audio and video formats, so this is another plus for using the tool. The tool allows you to save content based on its URL, and you can also search clips by using relevant keywords.

Visit – Itubego

Video downloader professional

This video downloader tool can be used online via a website, and you can also get its extension for Chrome. This website tool enables you to save video clips from any site/page you want. This downloader has endless features, and some of them are listed below:

  • You can select various formats/resolutions of the same clip and save it as per your choice.
  • You can play the saved videos with this downloader tool.
  • You can get quick access to the video clips that you have saved from the web.
  • The video download tool works in different languages, including English, French, and Dutch.
  • You can save videos to your cloud drives without any restrictions.

Video downloader plus 

The video downloader plus is another online service that can help you download videos from all streaming websites. You must know that this downloader utility can be used online, and you can also get it in the application format from the play store or app store. This tool is quite famous for its intriguing features. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • You can record live videos with this online tool.
  • This tool doesn’t contain any advertisements.
  • It allows you to save/download an infinite amount of video content.
  • This tool cum app is free to use.

Stream video downloader

This service is also known to work best as an extension to Google chrome. You can store clips from all sorts of websites with this downloader tool. The tool is capable of saving a single clip in one go and has expertise in saving a complete batch of clips in one go. This downloader tool works in dozens of different languages, and this is why we would suggest you use it. 


VLC is not a platform that you can use to play videos, but you can also download content from the internet. The tool is lightweight, and you can easily get its extension for your browser. You can save video clips from any website you want with this downloader service. The tool supports multiple file-formats, including Mp4, FLV, and many more. This tool is also capable of changing the quality of the videos that you want to save. This downloader tool works for free and in two languages, including English and Polski. 

You would find these tools interesting and helpful for you to save content from the internet. We would suggest using the downloaded content for private use as using the saved videos commercially can get you into legal issues. 

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