Why do students sometimes need help with programming homework?

By | July 26, 2022
Programming Homework Help

Programming Homework Help

The popularity of studying computer science and programming is now at its peak. Almost everyone dreams of becoming a successful programmer, moving to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, and creating their startup.

In this race for success and successful life, many young professionals cannot cope with the 

volume of homework. Studying this profession causes a lot of difficulties, and more and more students turn to online homework help in programming

In this article, we will find out why this is the case, lets take a look about online programming homework help

Programming Homework Help

Why do students choose to study programming?

The most widespread benefits of the profession include:  

High wages.

Employers of IT companies offer a decent salary. Let’s note that the level of income depends on the skills and experience of the professional. Clearly, no one will pay a junior developer $100k per year, but the prospects are quite promising;

Intellectual elite.

The programmer, as a rule, is an educated and progressively developed person. There is a perception that this is not even a profession but a way of life. This particular “caste” has its slang, topics that others do not understand, and parties and interests.

Prospect of employment in successful corporations.

Efficient work of a programmer is impossible without constant training and exchange of experience. This is a great chance to learn about successful corporate standards at the beginning of your career.

What difficulties do students encounter while 


As a rule, students seek help with their homework when they constantly encounter difficulties. We have collected the most popular reasons voiced by students who use programming homework services:

●They are looking for quality online experts because they want to get high grades, so
they don’t worsen their academic performance;

●They don’t get their work done on time, and so they seek help from professors when
they have too little time left to figure out all the material and do the work well;

●Students do not understand the requirements and instructions for homework and do
not want to figure it out on their own;

●Students have trouble understanding theoretical material and applying it in practice
during direct coding.


Problems students face when studying programming and how to solve them

Let’s analyze four popular problems due to which a lot of students quit studying programming and think about how to solve them.

Reason #1. I can’t figure it out on my own 

Even if initially all went smoothly in the programming study (as often happens with easy
topics), there is always a possibility of getting hung up as the material becomes more
difficult. It can be difficult for beginners to understand the material, which the experienced
programmer doesn’t even mind.

It happens because the brain is not trained to think in programming language categories.

For juniors who got lost in the programming world, there are programming forums such as
Quora or StackOverflow. There are also more specialized resources for students coding in a
specific programming language. When taking courses, they often organize a forum where
you can ask questions or ask for help with your assignments. And those who are completely unable to do this on their own can send a message that they are looking for a mentor.

Reason #2. I do not see the result for a long time. My skills will never be enough to do something real 

Human psychology is set up so that we lose motivation to learn more without positive

So, in order not to quit learning, you have to please yourself with

Positive reinforcement is not only praise but also a performance of tasks, even if
they are small. The feeling of accomplishment brings satisfaction and makes you realize that
everything is not in vain.

If you realize that you have exhausted yourself with the theory, start solving small practical
tasks. When you become accustomed to completing tasks, you may proceed to write a small
pet project. You can create something of your own or rewrite the existing software in your
own way. Or take a prepared case, for example, the “Snake” game. The advantage of these
cases is that you can compare your own and someone else’s code and take some tricks on
the armor.

Reason #3. Not enough motivation

At first, you were motivated, but you lost involvement on the road? This does not mean you
have to give up everything. Loss of motivation is common for long periods of training. It can
be returned.


You can restore lost motivation in several ways. First, you need to know why you need it in
the first place.

Literally: sit down and write your goal on the paper and analyze how close
you are to it.

Knowing that you are not standing on the spot and moving slowly can encourage you.

Another way is to invent an incentive.

You can give yourself a promise to do something or buy if you pass a difficult topic or write a trial project.

Once you’ve done it, you’re motivated, and you can come up with a new goal and a new stimulus.

The opposite method to the stimulus is to think of a fine for not fulfilling your obligations. Others should
know about your promise. This way, it will be more difficult to evade studying.

If you are a gambling person, you can use the game method: convert training into a
competition between you and your friends, who are also studying programming.

In this way, you and your friends will be encouraged to do the same thing.

Reason #4. Procrastination

Instead of studying, do you clean your apartment or watch TV shows (play games or do
other things) and write the academic project the night before the deadline?

If you recognize yourself in this, you are procrastinating. In fact, according to scientists, procrastination is not a synonym for laziness but a radical way of putting things off until the last moment.

More often, the people who suffer from procrastination are those who are inclined to perfectionism.

This can be explained by the fact that perfectionists are tempted to bring the result to

When you demand the ideal from yourself, it really becomes scary to fail.


You can help not to abandon your studies through procrastination by dividing a major
important task (for example, “mastering programming”) into more important ones
(“completing a new topic”).

Another way is the so-called kicker, i.e., regular reminders about the time to take care of

It also helps fight against procrastination by specifying checkpoints: you can set
control points in the time (work for 45 minutes and rest for 15 minutes) or by tasks (completethree tasks and then take a break).

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