Peloton Bike Vs Bike+ Review

Are you thinking about getting a Peloton bike but not sure which one is right for you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you decide Which One Should You Choose? Peloton Bike vs Bike+.

The Peloton bike is popular because it lets people work out at home, anytime. It has fun classes with energetic instructors, like cycling, yoga, and strength training.

Users can compete with friends and track progress using the bike’s screen and wearables like Apple Watch.

The bike is well-made and lasts a long time. Peloton’s strong brand and endorsements also add to its popularity.

Overall, it’s loved for its convenience, engaging workouts, community feel, technology, and quality.

Peloton Bike Vs Bike+ Review

FeaturePeloton BikePeloton Bike+
Screen Size21.5 inches23.8 inches
Screen SwivelNoYes
Sound SystemBuilt-in speakersUpgraded speakers
Apple GymKitNoYes

Understanding the differences between Peloton Bike vs Bike+ helps choose the right fit for budget and features.

1. Basics

Peloton Bike come with a 21.5″ HD touchscreen for streaming classes, another hand Peloton Bike+ offered 23.8” HD, anti-reflective touchscreen for streaming classes.

Both bikes offer monthly financing option, 30 day home trial and 12-month limited warranty.

2. Price

FeaturePeloton BikePeloton Bike+
Additional Cost$44/month$44/month

The Peloton Bike+ is more expensive upfront, costing $1,050 more than the Peloton Bike. However, both bikes require the same monthly subscription fee of $44 for access to classes.

3. Screen and Movement

Peloton Bike offered a 21.5″ HD touchscreen and Peloton Bike+ offered 23.8” HD, anti-reflective touchscreen for streaming classes.

Peloton Bike+ screen can rotate 360 degrees. The Peloton Bike+ also has an auto-follow feature that adjusts your resistance automatically during classes.

4. Sound System

The Peloton Bike+ has an improved sound system compared to the Peloton Bike, offering better audio quality.

5. GymKit Integration

Only the Peloton Bike+ supports GymKit integration, allowing you to sync your workouts with Apple Watch for more accurate tracking.

6. Classes and Content

Both bikes offer access to the same library of live and on-demand classes. You can choose from a variety of workout types, including cycling, strength, yoga, and more.

Is Bike+ Peloton worth it?

The Peloton Bike+ is worth it because it has a rotating screen for off-bike workouts, auto-follow resistance, and better sound.

It syncs with Apple Watch and supports future upgrades. Though it costs more, its added features make workouts more immersive and varied.

If you want extra features and versatility, it’s worth the investment. But if you’re okay with just cycling, the standard Peloton Bike is still a good option. It depends on what you value for your fitness journey.


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option and don’t need the extra features like the rotating screen and auto-follow resistance, the Peloton Bike is a great choice.

However, if you want the latest features and don’t mind paying a premium for them, the Peloton Bike+ offers an upgraded experience with added convenience and technology.

In the end, it comes down to your personal preferences and budget. Whichever bike you choose, you’ll be investing in your health and fitness journey.

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Can you use peloton membership on non peloton bike?

No, Peloton membership is exclusive to Peloton bikes and cannot be used on non-Peloton bikes.

Can i pause peloton membership?

Yes, you can pause your Peloton membership at any time, allowing you to temporarily suspend access to classes. You can pause your Peloton membership once a year, for one to three months at a time.

Can i watch netflix on peloton without subscription?

No, you cannot watch Netflix directly on a Peloton bike, even with a paid subscription.

Peloton bike vs bike+ which is better?

The Peloton Bike+ offers additional features like a rotating screen and auto-follow resistance, making it a better choice for enhanced workouts.

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