Pfp 2013 swag era

pfp 2013 swag era

Ah, 2013. A simpler time. A time when smartphones were just starting to take over, social media was a playground for self-expression, and profile pictures (PFPs) were a battleground for internet dominance – but not in the filtered, curated way of today. No, the PFPs of 2013 were loud, proud, and utterly dripping with a specific kind of internet swag.


The Pillars of Swag:

  • Rage Comics: Remember “Troll Face,” “Forever Alone Guy,” and “Me Gusta”? These rage comics, often paired with nonsensical captions, were the cornerstones of early internet humor. Naturally, they found their way onto countless PFPs, a badge of honor for those in the know.
pfp 2013 swag era 2
  • Animals in Sunglasses: Who needs sophistication when you have a picture of a cat (or any animal, really) sporting a pair of shades? This trend was pure, unadulterated fun, a celebration of internet weirdness.
pfp 2013 swag era 3
  • Pop Culture Mania: From anime characters like Naruto and Sailor Moon to movie stills from Twilight and The Hunger Games, popular culture was a major source of PFP inspiration. It was a way to declare your fandom and connect with like-minded individuals online.
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  • Memes Before Memes: While the term “meme” might not have been as ubiquitous back then, the internet was still churning out viral images and catchphrases. PFPs featuring these fleeting trends were a way to stay on top of the ever-evolving online humor landscape.
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  • Myspace Glitter, But Make it Edgy: Remember the sparkly, overly-decorated profiles of the Myspace era? The 2013 PFP took that aesthetic and gave it a darker edge. Think neon text, skulls, and other edgy symbols splashed across profile pictures.
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More Than Just a Picture:

These PFPs weren’t just about aesthetics; they were a form of self-expression. They spoke to a generation comfortable with embracing the absurd, finding humor in the mundane, and celebrating individuality.

It was a time before carefully curated online personas, where the internet felt more like a playground for silliness and experimentation.

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The Legacy of Swag:

While the 2013 PFP era may be a relic of the past, its influence can still be felt today. The rise of meme culture and the increasing importance of online communities owe a debt to this period of unbridled internet expression.

It was a time when the internet felt more raw, authentic, and yes, a little bit goofy.

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So, the next time you’re scrolling through your social media feed and see a particularly outlandish profile picture, remember the golden age of 2013 swag. It was a simpler time, but one that left a lasting mark on internet culture.