10 phrases to use when your toddler doesn 't listen

10 phrases to use when your toddler doesn ‘t listen

“Can you help me with…?” (Make them feel important)

Instead of barking orders, turn it into a teamwork mission!

"Can you help me with...?" (Make them feel important)

“Let’s count to three: 1, 2…” (Give a gentle warning)

This gives them a heads-up to change their behavior before a consequence.

"Let's count to three: 1, 2..." (Give a gentle warning)

“Whoa! That can hurt! Let’s find a gentler way.” (Focus on safety and offer alternatives)

Explains why something is wrong and provides a solution.

“I see you want to play. We can after you…” (finish your task) Acknowledge their desire and set expectations.

Shows you understand them and sets clear guidelines.

“Let’s take a deep breath together.” (Calm down before talking)

Helps both of you relax and approach the situation more peacefully.

“What would you like to do instead?” (Offer choices)

Empowers them to make a decision within safe boundaries.

“Show me how you can…” (do the desired action) (Positive reinforcement)

Focuses on what you want them to do and encourages good behavior.

“Uh oh! Looks like playtime is over until…” (consequence) (Set clear consequences)

Explain what happens if they don’t listen and follow through calmly.

“I feel frustrated when…” (explain your feelings) (Express your emotions)

Teaches them about your feelings and helps them understand the situation.

“Give me a hug? We can figure this out together.” (Offer comfort and connection)

Physical touch calms everyone down and shows you’re still there for them.

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