Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Charging Station for All Your Devices at one place review

The Ultimate Charging Machine For The Apple Family. Ipitaka Charging station for all your devices.

Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Charging Station for All Your Devices at one place review img1
Pitaka Charging Station

How many devices do you need to charge every day? your i phone, i pad, smartwatch and probably your earphones too, however to charge these devices is a messy thing. But sometimes this happened the battery or the connector not connected and we got irritated. But after researching Humbaa Staff found a great gadget for you.

What is it?

Pitaka this charging station charges all your devices in one place, in an Efficient, stylish, and in a simple way. Regardless whether it is your i phone, i pad, apple tv remote it charges all your devices in one place. Without mess, your table looks neat and clean.

Pitaka charges your devices wired or wireless in a versatile manner. I love the features an Apple Watch pop-up charger that can charge your smartwatch both flat or upright with the push of a button.

Pitaka, gives you freedom to take this charging station where ever you travel across the world.

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Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Charging Station

Design and features


Pitaka Feature on Humbaa.com
Pitaka Feature on Humbaa.com

As demonstrated in the above image, Pitaka Charging Station allows you to charge your various devices in one place. It allows you to charge your i phone, Airpods Pro, Apple Watch, Samsung galaxy earbuds, Samsung watch. Apple remote.

USB -C – It also charge i pad pro 2020, iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, Switch, Google Pixel 4 xl, i pad mini, i phone XR.

USB – A – Kindle, Sony in ear headphone, Camera, Magic Mouse.

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Specification of Pitaka on Humbaa.com
Specification of Pitaka on Humbaa.com
Pitaka Power station charges apple iphone, apple tv remote, airpod pro
Pitaka Power station charges apple iphone, apple tv remote, airpod pro

Some of Frequently Asked Question about Pitaka Charging Station:

Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy Buds on Air Omni?
Great news, Yes! Except for charging Apple AirPods 2/Pro (or AirPods 1 with wireless charging case), Air Omni can charge your Samsung Galaxy Buds too.

Can I Charge my Samsung Galaxy Watch on Air Omni?
You can charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch through the USB ports on the side panel of Air Omni via a USB cable. The flip-up charger in the middle is for Apple Watch only.

Pitaka Air Omni 6-in-1 Charging Station for All Your Devices at one place review
Pitaka Power Station GIF

Where can I buy the travel pouch for Air Omni?
Travel pouch will be available for purchase at US$2.99 once we got the stretch goal (US$200,000). Notification and guidelines will be sent to you when that happens.

What iPad can be charged on Air Omni?
Air Omni can charge any iPad you have, including iPad / iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Pro, and you can switch between type-c and lightning connectors if you have a different iPad.

How can I switch between Type-C connector and Lightning connector to charge my device?
Simply press the button behind the Air Omni and connect your device.

Which charging spot on the Air Omni support fast charging?
There are 3 spots on Air Omni support fast charging:

  1. The wireless charging spot for your phone. It supports 7.5W and 10W fast charging.
  2. The Type-C/Lightning connector. It supports 18W fast charging.
  3. The USB Type-A and USB-C side ports, both support 18W fast charging and can deliver a total of 15W power when being used together.

What’s the difference between Air Quad and Air Omni?
There are 4 differences between them:

  1. Air Quad can charge 4 devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad;
    Air Omni can charge up to 6 devices including iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, and 2 more devices by using the additional USB Type-A and USB-C on the side.
  2. Air Quad can only charge iPad with either Type-C connector or Lightning connector, while Air Omni supports charging both iPads.
  3. Air Omni has a hidden drawer; Air Quad doesn’t have.
  4. Air Omni has a black version only; Air Quad has silver and black versions.

When can I receive the Air Omni?
We’ve already completed the trial production, so it means we already get ready for mass production. We can start processing the shipping in June.

How will my order be shipped?
We will send a survey to confirm your detailed shipping information, the product you need, and everything else once the campaign is funded. We will ship out at around June from PITAKA warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, China depending on the inventory status.


The charging station of Pitaka is well built and attractive. I am impressed by the soft touch and soft pop-up watch charger which is super. And the push button to change between the Jack and the USB- C jack. Love the fast charging. Allows your gadgets to charge fast.

What Humbaa Like?

  • The Build quality super.
  • The charging options and versatility including the USB-C Power Delivery port.
  • The sleek and soothing design, hassle-free.

Final thoughts.

The conclusion is, I am looking for a charging station that fulfils all my needs, I want my table “free” of the irritating cables. I can assure my self that this Pitaka Power station, met my needs.
It allows me to charge my devices with amazing and in a smart manner. From Smartphones to apple devices. This Pitaka Charging Station Rocks!!!

Where to Buy Pitaka?

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