Pluto TV Channel List

Where can I find Pluto TV, and what is it?

Ok, let’s have a look at it. As of 2013, there beginnings may be the subject of a history study. Hundreds of channels, four hundred or more international content providers, and approximately fifty million viewers across the world are all stats we might throw about.

We could go on and on about our extensive collection of on-demand movies, television series, news programmes, sports and documentary programming, and so on and so forth.

However, there’s no need to overcomplicate things, since Pluto TV’s inherent simplicity makes it ideal for even the most novice of TV viewers.

All you need to know is that it doesn’t need a login, doesn’t cost anything, and won’t result in any arguments about what to watch on a Friday night.

So, relax and lean back. Check out the programme whenever you like. In other words, it’s totally gratis.

The free video streaming service Pluto TV is owned and run by Paramount Streaming, a part of Paramount Global (previously named ViacomCBS).

Founded in 2013 by Tom Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Grouf with offices in Los Angeles, California, the company has now expanded to other locations around the Americas and Europe.

Pluto, also known as a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) service, is a kind of ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) service that mainly provides a selection of programming material via digital linear channels aimed to imitate the experience of conventional broadcast programming.

The business model of the service relies on the display of video commercials during shows, interspersed with content in a format similar to that of traditional television commercial breaks.

As of March 2020, Pluto TV has agreements with 170 content partners offering over 250 channels and 100,000 unique hours of programming under licence.

Mobile applications for both Android and iOS may access its material online. There were 64 million active users in the service as of January 2022.

This April (2022), Pluto TV had a total of 68 million MAUs.

Does Pluto TV Have Local Channels?

There are, in fact, local channels available on Pluto TV. A lot of folks are curious whether or not this streaming media offers stations from their area. Local channels for pluto television.

Is Pluto TV Free ?

The live-streaming and on-demand video services provided by Pluto TV are, you read that correctly, completely free. Streaming does not need any information to be entered from a credit card on your part.

Types of contents in Pluto TV

Current events and trending issues. pluto tv channel list uk.
Competitions in the sporting world
Channels dedicated to music and video clips
The realms of technology and nerd culture. pluto tv channel guide.
Cartoons geared at children may be seen on kids’ websites.
movies of every imaginable genre.
Lifestyle. pluto tv printable channel list.
Pluto TV has a number of exclusive channels, one of which is Cats 24/7.

Pluto TV Available Countries

US pluto tv channels list 2022 pdf.



Mexico pluto tv channel guide 2022.

The complete list of Pluto TV channels in Germany for 2022.


You will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access Pluto TV if you are located in another country.

Pluto TV Pros and Cons


Is without cost

Access through numerous devices

User-friendly interface


Contains Ads

Problems with the slow server

Pluto TV Packages and Prices

As a result of providing its viewers with free entertainment options, Pluto TV now has more than 52 million members.

You can enjoy your daily dose of entertainment without having to worry about your cable costs getting out of control when you subscribe to Pluto TV and watch live TV in addition to the programmes that are available on demand. Even though it can feel like a dream, Pluto TV really is free to use.

Even registration is not required for people to watch live TV and enjoy it. However, viewers need to register with their email addresses in order to verify that they are genuine viewers.

An OTP, or one-time password, is delivered to your registered mobile device or email address in order to verify your identity. After entering the correct OTP, the user’s identification may be verified, and the account can then be enabled. If a user registers their account, they will be able to pick up shows exactly where they left off, even if they log in from a different device. This is one of the advantages of having an account. In this manner, the programme will remember who you are and will preserve your shows. It is important to remember that while Pluto TV is free, it does have advertisements on it. The only difference is that there are no subscription costs associated with using this service.

Pluto TV Channel List

Movies Channel List on Pluto TV

Ch-7Pluto TV 007
Ch-52TV spotlight
Ch-54Pluto TV movies
Ch-56Pluto tv movies 2
Ch-58TV action
Ch-60TV Comedy
Ch-62TV Romance
Ch-64TV Drama
Ch-68TV Horror
Ch-70TV Terror
Ch-72TV Thrillers
Ch-74Black Cinema
Ch-82The Movie Channel
Ch-84CMT Westerns
Ch-86Classic Movies
Ch-8880’s Rewind
Ch-92TV Cult Films
Ch-94Flicks of Fury
Ch-96The Asylum
Ch-98Gravitas Movies
Movies Channel List on Pluto TV

Pluto TV’s Various Channels in the News

Ch-223Election 2020
Ch-225Today’s Top Stories
Ch-227Pluto News
Ch-232NBC News
Ch-233NBC News Now
Ch-237CBSN New York
Ch-238CBSN Los Angelas
Ch-247America’s Voice
Ch-248The First
Ch-249OAN Encore
Ch-250Blaze Live
Ch-262Bloomberg Television
Ch-266Cheddar news
Ch-268Top Stories by newsy
Ch-272TYT Network
Ch-277Sky News
Ch-279RT America
Ch-287Court TV
Pluto TV’s Various Channels in the News

Entertainment Channels on Pluto TV

Ch-111MTV Pluto TV
Ch-114MTV Dating
Ch-118MTV Teen
Ch-120ET Live
Ch-122All Reality We
Ch-124VH1 I love Reality
Ch-125Hip Hop Family
Ch-126Bet Pluto tv
Ch-127Bet Her Pluto tv
Ch-128Bet Homecoming
Ch-130Spike Pluto
Ch-134Spike Outdoors
Ch-136American Gladiators
Ch-140Stories AMC
Ch-141TV Land Drama
Ch-146Crime Network
Ch-148CMT pluto
Ch-165People TV
Ch-169Awesomeness TV
Ch-175British TV
Ch-177Classic TV
Ch-182Game Show Central
Ch-192Classic Toons
Entertainment Channels on Pluto TV

Binge watching is easy with the Pluto TV channel list.

Ch-308Cops Spike
Ch-314MTV Guy Code
Ch-317MTV The Hills
Ch-322Love & Hip Hop VH1
Ch-323The Challenge MTV
Ch-324Black Ink Crew VH1
Ch-326RuPaul’s Drag Race VH1
Ch-329Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders CMT
Ch-334Unsolved Mysteries
Ch-338Forensic Files
Ch-342The New Detectives
Ch-346Cold Case Files
Ch-349Fear Factor
Ch-351Criss Angel MindFreak
Ch-353Dog the Bounty Hunter
Ch-356Hell’s Kitchen Uncensored
Ch-365This Old House
Ch-367Antiques RoadShow UK
Ch-370Doctor Who Classic
Ch-373McLeod’s Daughters
Ch-375MidSomer Murders
Ch-383The Addams Family
Binge watching is easy with the Pluto TV channel list.

Comedy Channels on Pluto TV

Ch-411Comedy Central Pluto TV
Ch-415Comedy Central Stand-Up
Ch-417Wild’N Out MTV
Ch-419Crank Yankers Comedy Central
Ch-420TV Land Sitcoms
Ch-421one day at a time
Ch-422Slightly OFF IFC
Ch-423Funny AF
Ch-426StandUp TV
Ch-428Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud! Network
Ch-430Cats 24/7
Ch-432Dogs 24/7
Ch-434The Pet Collective
Ch-439Internet Gold
Comedy Channels on Pluto TV

Discover the Channels Available on Pluto TV.

Ch-551Curiosity to Inspire
Ch-561TV Cars
Ch-565TV History
Ch-567TV Biography
Ch-569TV Military
Ch-571TV conspiracy
Ch-573TV Travel
Ch-575People are awesome
Ch-579Voyager Documentaries
Ch-582NatureVision TV
Ch-597Slow TV
Ch-5984K TV
Discover the Channels Available on Pluto TV.

Sports Channels on Pluto TV

Ch-455Pluto tv Sports
Ch-459CBS Sports HQ
Ch-461Fox Sports
Ch-465NFL Channel
Ch-477PGA Tour
Ch-481Major League Soccer
Ch-486Bein Sports extra
Ch-495TV Surf
Ch-499TV Winter Sports
Ch-501Red Bull TV
Ch-507Pursuit UP
Ch-513Glory Kickboxing
Ch-515Impact Wrestling
Ch-519Eleven Sports
Ch-530BIGSKY conference
Sports Channels on Pluto TV

The Life and Style Channels Can Be Found on Pluto TV

Ch-611Food TV
Ch-613Lively Place
Ch-615Cribs MTV
Ch-617Awe encore
Ch-619TV Her
Ch-622TV Her Dramas
Ch-625Logo Pluto TV
Ch-627Are You The One? MTV
Ch-628TV Weddings
Ch-633Faith TV
Ch-637Hillsong Channel
Life + Style Channels in Pluto TV

Kids Content Available on Pluto TV

Ch-707TV Family
Ch-709TV Kids Animation
Ch-711Nick Pluto tv
Ch-712nick jr. Pluto tv
Ch-719Totally Turtles nick
Ch-721Dora TV nick
Ch-726TV Tween
Ch-729TV Kids
Ch-733After School cartoons
Ch-737Anime All Ages
Kids Content Available on Pluto TV

Pluto TV’s Geek and Tech Channels

Ch-661TV Sci-fi
Ch-665TV Science
Ch-669TV Tech
Ch-673TV Gamer
Ch-675Anime All day
Ch-698Game Play Roblox
Pluto TV’s Geek and Tech Channels

Pluto TV Channel List – Latino

Ch-754The Walking Dead espanol
Ch-756TV Cine Estelar
Ch-760TV Peiculas
Ch-764TV cine
Ch-765TV cine Accion
Ch-766TV cine Terror
Ch-772TV Investiga
Ch-773Spike Aventura
Ch-775Dog El, Caarracompensas
Ch-776TV Realities En Espanol
Ch-777TV Cocina
Ch-778TV mundo
Ch-779TV Naturaleza
Ch-780TV Novelas
Ch-782Telenovelas Clasicas
Ch-784nick Latino
Ch-785nick jr. Latino
Ch-788MTV Latino
Ch-790Comedy Central Latino
Ch-792TV Brasil
Ch-796Combate World
Pluto TV Channel List – Latino

Pluto TV Channel List – Gameplay

Ch-816Gameplay Roblox
Ch-817Gameplay Fortnite
Ch-818Gameplay Sports
Ch-819Gameplay Call of Duty
Pluto TV Channel List – Gameplay

Music Channels on Pluto TV

Ch-902Pluto TV
Ch-905Live Music Replay
Ch-924MTV Biggest Pop
Ch-927TO! MTV
Ch-930MTV Spankin’ New
Ch-934MTV Block Party
Ch-945Vevo Pop
Ch-952Main Stage
Ch-955The Cross
Ch-965Electro City
Ch-971The Strip
Ch-975What the Funk!
Ch-976The Bridge
Ch-978Pure Soul
Ch-980La Isla
Ch-981Reggae King
Music Channels on Pluto TV

Other Channels Available on Pluto TV

Ch-90Pluto TV Staff Picks
Ch-127Showtime Selects channel
Ch-135Stories by AMC
Ch-144Degrassi channel
Ch-150Star Trek
Ch-204CBS News channel
Ch-294Hell’s Kitchen channel
Ch-296Survivor channel
Ch-297The Amazing Race channel
Ch-355CSI channel
Ch-488Mystery Science Theater 3000
Ch-532Classic Doctor Who channel
Ch-696Slow TV channel
Ch-708NFL channel
Ch-848TokuShoutSu channel
Ch-983Totally Turtles channel
Other Channels Available on Pluto TV

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