Prinker Prints- Let’s HAVE A TATTOO.

By | May 15, 2020

Temporary tattoo printing

Various Tattoos example  on
Various Tattoos example

TATTOO’, I am crazy for you since when I was a kid. I used to eat chewing gums.
I used to collect stickers which are used to come with chewing gums.

But my mom never allowed me to have an instant tattoo on my skin because; she knows the cons of having a tattoo and the procedure (which have a lot of pain as well) and if you start hating the tattoo which is already taking place as a part of life then; those laser treatments and more painful as well. If you are willing to create your own temporary tattoo then this prinker is for you.

But this device solves my problem it does not only allow me to put tattoo but also that vanishes away in just 2 days and it’s waterproof as well so no worry for 2 days.

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Prinker is a small handheld tattoo printer that prints using black or colour cosmetic ink directly onto your skin. It pairs with your phone or tablet so that you can choose the artwork (or even create your own) and then you just swipe the printer across your skin to print the tattoo.

Prinker app

You have to download the Prinker app after using this app to your smartphone -windows /iOS and Android Devices

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Tattoos made by Prinker with Prinker app
Tattoos made by Prinker with Prinker app

One thing more I have noticed in this device it is really creative for kids ( as it’s kids friendly) and it does not harm delicate skin.

Rather having a permanent tattoo with lots of worries let’s have a tattoo from Prinker Prints.

PicsArt 05 14 10.00.40

Yeah, Exactly this my journey into the tattoo world started….

And it’s time for yours ?

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