10 Interesting Questions to Ask Your Dad to See How Much Dad Knows You

By | May 11, 2022

Questions to ask dad about you

Do you have a lot on your mind? Trying to think of questions to ask dad is something that brings most people difficulty. And then when the time arises, they just resort to asking stupid and monotonous questions. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Having kids only happened to me a few years ago, I’m still very excited every time I get to talk to them. My kids love to talk about their favorite subjects and I also like doing this because each day that they spend with me they are becoming more interesting. 

You sometimes wonder how you and your father can talk together because you don’t share the same interests. This is why I have decided to put together a list of questions you can both ask each other to have a conversation.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good relationship with your father, he’s likely to be a wealth of information about your upbringing and how you turned out the way you did.

Question Game with Dad Part 1

1. What was the first pet I ever had?

If you’ve had pets since you were a child, there’s a high chance your parents may remember this one as well. This may be particularly true if your father supported you in potty-training your puppy or accompanied you and your dog to the veterinarian in the first place. You can’t imagine anything more precious than your own pet when it comes to animals. As a result, if your father correctly answers this question, it is possible that he was paying attention.

While my family was growing up, we had a hamster called Hammy. He was the first pet I ever had. He was also the only pet I ever had for a long time, but he did not live alone in a cage. He lived in the house with us.

This is not an uncommon arrangement in many cultures, but it wasn’t common in ours. We were a military family, and by nature of travelling around the world when we were stationed in different places (and having to ship Hammy everywhere with us), we didn’t have many chances to make friends with people outside of our immediate community—so it’s no surprise that my parents wanted Hammy to have friends his age. They decided that if we were going to be living abroad, our pets should learn how to be social.

Hammy had lots of friends from the neighbourhood and from around town. He’d get together with them for play dates and even go on vacations with some of them! It was quite a different life for him than most other hamsters are accustomed to. I think he liked it, though—he never seemed unhappy about it. I could tell that he just enjoyed being part of our family and often squeezed himself.

Here are some questions to ask dad about you:

How would you describe me when I was a baby?

What was my first word?

What was my favorite toy as a child?

What was our house like when I was growing up? What were some of my favorite places?

What do I like most about myself as an adult? What do I like least?

What is your fondest memory of us together as a family?

2. Which dream career did I have growing up?

Every youngster has a fantasy job that they hold onto far into adulthood. If you wanted to be an astronaut or a video game creator or even a kindergarten teacher, you could have done so. In all likelihood, the profession you envisioned as a child helped shape you into the person you are now.

3. What was my favorite childhood book?

Most likely, you had a favourite children’s book that you valued and reread over and again throughout your childhood. You certainly could have taken it with you on family trips or wherever else you were allowed to read a book with your parents. Perhaps this book took you to mythical islands and other planets where exotic creatures wandered freely and, in some cases, talked with one another via the pages. Classics such as Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Are You My Mother?, Charlotte’s Web, and The Story of Ferdinand, to mention a few examples, have a significant following among readers.


So there you have it—our top 20 questions to ask dad about yourself. Hopefully, they’ve helped shed a little light on the subject. As we say a lot around here, the point of asking these questions is not to get an exact reading of the future; that’s impossible.

Instead, by asking these questions, you can gain insight into trends affecting your life and take steps to help turn those trends into positive ones. And now that you know what to watch for, you probably won’t need to ask all 20 of these at once—you may find that asking one or two more periodically helps.

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