Robert Pattinson Batman will be different from others.

Robert Pattinson Batman

Why Robert Pattinson’s batman is incredible from his other film’s and other Batman film’s.

Robert pattison
Robert Pattinson on Humbaa

The biggest weapon in Batman’s arsenal is his trusty a batmobile we have seen countless variation portrayed on the big screen recently both the onset images and the concept design of the batmobile for the BatMan have been released due to this we’re going to take deep dive into well of batman we’re gonna examine both the concept and the final product, especially what they tell about the film with Robert Pattinson we’re also going to look at the history of the Live-action batmobile.

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Let’s get started you have done it again let’s just hope we’re not too late recently on May of this year we got a glimpse of the concept design of the to batmobile in the upcoming feature the BatMan.

Robert Pattinson Humbaa
Robert Pattinson

This is new bat solo film starring Robert Pattinson please forget he was a sparkly vampire Pattinson at the moment it’s due to come out in October 2021 images of the design concept were leaked on social media the designer was jeff frost he’s worked on many cinematic projects mostly as a concept model maker some of the superhero films he’s tackled have been guardians of the galaxy volume 2, 2011, Thor, Batman vs Superman and many more he even worked on the despised Batman and Robin in 1997 the design images have since been deleted from Frost’s website but the internet exists so it’s around forever somewhere anyway.

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The BatMan and his car: Robert Pattinson Batman

The concept design gives us a great idea of what the initial thoughts we’re for Batman’s vehicle in the film the BatMan is a set at the beginning of Bruce Wayne’s vilginate career so instead of relying on Lucius fox coming up with the great designs Batman has to do it himself which is probably why it’s a hot less advanced than what we have seen in the past.

Instead of a massive tanky military we have seen in recent years the batmobile is a modified fast and furious Esque muscle car it looks like it was made in the 90s which is great since the film is said to be set in that era it sorts of looks like what people in the 90s thought future cars were gonna look like the design is more primitive than the intricate cars.

We’ve seen bats use in the past such as 1995’s Batman forever batmobile which is creating the New Batman car has been compared to knight riders due to its shape and the lights incorporated into the design weirdly enough 2008, a reboot of knight riders had former Batman.

batman car
Batman car

Val Kilmer playing the voice of KITT you have less than two minutes to make contact acquire the package and retrieve the files bad connection the concept car appears to have two forms perhaps when Bruce Wayne uses it the excess parts are hidden
Wayne can then go about his Wayne business with no issues but when Batman in charge of the thrusters at the back pop out sort of like that car from the first Men in

Black and if we don’t have a scene of Battin sin riding on the tunnel ceiling with a confused and upset passenger then that’s a missed opportunity the concept is also a lacking in any over the top marketing from Batman there’s little to show it’s Batman’s car no obvious bat motives really.

Robert pattison
Robert pattison

There is one big hint at the back of the car when the thrusters are out the positioning looks like Batman’s bat symbol Batman always needs thrusters on his to batmobile it’s pretty much one of the key pieces in the car hoarded of gadgets nearly every iteration of the batmobile on the screen has massive thrusters firing out well fire it gives him the need for speed he’s able to close the distance with a fleeing villain for quicker with the thrusters burning the concept batmobile is wider than what we’ve seen on the silver screen the past most of the car’s at least before bail were long and thin while bail and Affleck tend to have shorter wider vehicles with bat flex being lowered to the ground.

The concept seems to be hybrid between the wild military-like vehicles and the long thin version from the 80s and the 90s the inspiration of this design seems to stems from the comics specifically Batman.

The new adventure issue 408 that story introduces the future Robin and red hood Jason todd he steals, the wheels off the Caped Crusaders muscle batmobile little scamp.

In March 2020, the director of the BatMan Matt reeves realised some images of the batmobile on social media we also got a glimpse of Pattinson in the famous costume he looks dapper in the cap the final design of the batmobile is remarkably similar to the design concept such as most of the lights being pretty much the same but there are some changes it’s sleeker and seems to have some elements from a sports car that goes along with the muscle car inspiration the edges of the motor were sharper in the concept they are more rounded especially around the hood have turned into a winged shape the same has happened to the sides of the boots as well these winged changes have made the car appear more like Batman’s vehicle but it’s not over the top back in the early days of the batmobile that’s but a giant hood ornament of his face on it which was a bit over the top but at least villains knew who was chasing them.

Luckily they didn’t decide to do that For the baton sin flick the orange light on the hood has been removed making the car seemed sci-fiction and grittier the film is said to have a moody tone which better suits that criteria the automobile is less armoured than what we have seen the bale and Affleck with the latter he was approaching the

Twilight of his crime-fighter career as such he was more prone to injury with slower recovery rate he wasn’t as quick as they once were he needed better defence then dodge duck dip dive and dodge.

Dodge ball reference any who have a vehicle that could bear the brunt of an attack was crucial but with badest in he’s just starting out he’s young more reckless and he hasn’t had the experience of being breaking him in two multiple times just yet he won’t know his limitations, as well as bat fleak which means his car is all about speed and power with little thought of defence in a general car, seems less advanced than previous iterations they had all sorts of bells and whistles such as turrets Kilmer’s exposed ribs design and Clooney’s spike on the hood yet the new version favours and speed and chasing the villain rather than losing fancy gadgets and weapon it’s less cartoony than some of the batmobiles we’ve seen in the past.

Batman character – keaton, Bale, Aff

Mostly talking about the film’s from the 80s and 90s the design seems to have taken inspiration from the 60s Batman as well the TV show had Adam West as a dark knight from 1996 to 1968 they also had a film called Batman.

In 1996 West batmobile was a modified ford fartuna some bad fan’s see this iteration as the batmobile the new batmobile has a similar winged hood and boot to the bat futura.
The Batman’s batmobile is cool, it’s easy to see why that instant could cruise around Gotham with shades on nodding at people slowly while they stare at his car later he challenges others cars to race at the traffic lights only once the other car speeds away baton sin instead notes down their registration plates for later when he has his cape and cowl.

Since Batman doesn’t have any fancy superpowers he needs his gadgets to get the upper hand he can’t fly like Superman jump into the speed force like flash or use as invisible Jet like old school wonder woman so he has his vehicle such as the batmobile and Batwing bemmon likes to add bat objects like batmobile batarang bat suit pretty much in his utility belt.

The first appearance of the batmobile in the comic was in 1939 Detective comics issue 27 which was of course also the debut of Batman only it wasn’t referred to as the batmobile, back then it wouldn’t be until issue 48 when the batmobile name was first used the debut car was red instead of the traditional black suit he uses today it had very little in the way of gadgetry or technology it was basically just a car no fancy bad Esque items the first appearance of the live-action of Batmobile was in 1943’s film serial Batman films serial’s were a concept that existed from the 1910s to the 1950s it was pretty much a  TV show but shown in the cinema each chapter good and would end with the Cliffhanger

The Batman serial was four hours and 20 minutes long once again in the serial there were little of the advanced technology that the Batman stores in his cars today the 1943 version was the slightly modified convertible Cadillac if the top was that meant it was a Batman’s car goes down their Bruce Wayne’s car someone short made that connection that it was the same car just with the soft top position change it’s like Superman putting on glasses to become a Clark Kent.

Robert pattinson humbaa
Robert pattinson humbaa

The new dawn of the BatMan saga about to kick off the batmobile was also going to be the focus point; so far it seems Reeves has incorporated the story of the film into the car’s design we thought like that it gives us the big hope for the next chapter of the Dark Knight and that’s wrapped and how much you excited for the new batmobile.

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