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Ruttl Review 2022


Ruttl is a tool that gives you the power to leave comments on live websites, or as we like to call it.

What is Ruttl?

Do you need to securely record, collect and manage design feedback across your organization? Ruttl online visual feedback tools redefine how designers and developers engage directly with live websites.

Ruttl is the only tool that allows you to leave comments on live pixels, preview changes, organize feedback for discussion and share project insights.

Your team can collect snapshots of new designs, leave video comments, and critique existing pages — plus gain insights into your design workflow.

So if you’re seeking a fresh way to get involved in the process, then simply sign up now! Get started today.

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Ruttl is the simple, fast, and seamless way to create design feedback on live websites. In spilt of seconds, you can leave videos and written comments with team members and designers.

Ruttl allows you to provide real-time feedback to design and development changes without ever leaving your browser.

With Ruttl, you can record videos of your screen to showcase suggestions, share notes or screenshots in text or image format, spark discussions to receive input from coworkers, and change designs yourself using desktop-grade browsers.

Ruttl is the easiest way to provide feedback on live websites. With Ruttl, you can leave comments on specific live pixels to ensure contextual and concise feedback, plus directly mention other project members to notify them of fixes.

You can Sign up for your free trial today and see why Ruttl allows remote teams, agencies, and in-house teams to collaborate seamlessly!

Ruttl is a collaborative design platform that makes collecting feedback and iterating on creative projects faster.

What is Ruttl?💡

Ruttl is a collaborative design platform that helps teams work better together on creative projects, specifically websites and apps.

Our mission is to make design feedback fast and effortless so that teams can collaborate efficiently and effectively during the early stages of product development.

Ruttl works by allowing anyone inside your organization to leave comments on websites, edit design elements right away without touching the code, or record video for faster feedback sharing.

We’re building a tool that will make it easier for designers, product managers, and developers to work together more efficiently and effectively at every stage of the process.

How does Ruttl work?💡

We believe in simplicity and collaboration, which is why we’ve built a product that requires no coding or technical knowledge to use.

Any team member can leave comments or edit design elements right away no matter where they are in the world, which means you never miss out on valuable feedback ever again.

And by integrating with tools you already use like Slack and Trello, Ruttl increases productivity by simplifying how you work together as an organization.

Why is Ruttl important for small business owners?

Are they looking to have a conversation with a live designer and developer while working on a website? Ruttl enables you to leave written and video comments directly on live pixels to improve design feedback, context, and turnaround times.

Real people in the offline world use Ruttl. Check out the video features, public gallery, or send us your request for the private beta at ruttl.com.

What are some of the best features of the Ruttl?

Using Ruttl is a modern and significantly more productive way of working on design projects. It’s packed with powerful features that allow you to:

  • Leave comments on websites to share your feedback.
  • Edit design elements right away without touching the code
  • Integrate with work tools like Slack and Trello
  • Record video for faster feedback sharing
  • Replace images on websites
  • Share projects with clients in the easiest way possible

On Humbaa.com, we review this fantastic tool to help you make.
Ruttl gives you the power to collaborate on projects in real-time across all your devices. This allows you to work with your team, clients, and stakeholders on a website design or app prototype.

You can leave comments and track changes while recording video feedback that includes annotations, highlights, and voiceover.

Ruttl even allows you to replace images from the source with a single click!

Auto-syncing collaboration: With Ruttl, you can instantly share a project link with your team and clients. Everyone working on the project will have their copy updated in real-time automatically.

All in one place: All of your feedback is saved in one collaborative workspace, so ther is no need to keep track of multiple emails, screenshots, or files; everything is in one convenient place.

Join remote teams: Ruttl is accessible anywhere via your computer or mobile device browser, no matter where you are. This means that you can work collaboratively with team members around the world.

Record Video Feedback: Record detailed video feedback of your project and add notes directly onto the screen!

Share projects with clients: It’s easy to share projects with clients by sending them a direct link or attaching it to an email. Ruttl offers complete control.

Ruttl This is Gem; it stunningly works for you.
As a website owner, my Humbaa.com team is using this fantastic tool.
If you know Project Huddle, you shouldn’t let it go!

This tool is fast for collecting, managing, and previewing design feedback on live websites. I can easily create mockups live from the browser and collaborate with the client and team members.

👍🏻 Pros:

1. User friendly,
2. Real-time update,
3. It has a versioning feature,
4. White label.

👎 Cons:

1. No embeddable,
2. No PDF/images upload,
3. No reporting feature,
4. No integration with cloud storage to save the report.

We are thrilled to announce the newest updates in Ruttl Web Design App. We have worked hard to make your lives easier and smoother while using our app.

Here’s what’s new:

Guest commenting on projects

this feature will let your clients comment on your design projects without signing up with a new account. Be rest assured that their personal information will be kept safe from public view.

Improved Custom Branding –

we have removed the ‘Powered by Ruttl’ logo for all eligible accounts. If you have already enabled custom branding, you will automatically receive this update if you have not deactivated it yet.

The issue related to adding team members and sharing projects with them has been fixed. If you are still facing some issues, then kindly mail their support team, they definitely help you and will fix the issue.

There support team is great.

We’ve also received several other feature requests, which are in the works and will be rolled out soon! 😉

Ruttl is a platform for designers, developers, and digital agencies to create an online presence for their clients on leading marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. It lets users create product listings in less time by providing them with all the necessary tools in one place.

It also allows unlimited users to collaborate on the same project with advanced task manager and team collaboration features. Ruttl is available as a web app that can be accessed by any device and is accessible across platforms such as Android and iOS.

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