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Top 24 Saturday Pickup Lines

Saturday Pickup Lines

Saturday Pickup Lines

What is picuk lines

A predetermined statement that a person makes in order to initiate a discussion with a complete stranger with whom they are interested in developing a love connection.

He made an attempt to wow her with one of his witty pickup lines, but it was unsuccessful.

The following is a compilation of clean and Saturday pick up lines and openingszinnen that have shown to be more successful on Tinder than those found on Reddit.

Convince women to be attracted to you by using humorous and cheesy conversation openers, chat up lines, and comebacks for circumstances in which you are embarrassed.

Saturday Pickup Lines

  1. It’s just Saturday and you already look this good? Put on your Sunday best and come see me.
  2. If we ever eat together, I’d want to pray over the food beforehand. Is 7 p.m. on a Saturday good for you?
  3. Asking the question, “Will you come out with me on Saturday?”
    Comeback: Sorry! On the weekend, I had a headache!!!
  1. What are you doing in a place like the First Saturday Rosary Cenacle if you’re such a wonderful girl?
  2. Get out of here and celebrate each other’s strengths. Tell me about your plans for this coming Saturday. I’m planning on eliminating you, you see.
  1. I was a little taken aback to learn that we had a date on Saturday, and then I checked my calendar.
  2. How about we say a prayer before we eat together some time? The evening of Saturday the 8th seems good.
  1. A Raisin is in Your Hand
    It’s so bad, but I can set you up with a date this next Saturday.
  2. It seems like you won’t be busy this coming Saturday, the 28th. After your appointment with Glen, let’s meet together at 1:00.
  1. This next Saturday, there will be a basketball game.
    Wanna go with me?

Funny Saturday Pickup Lines

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