Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Dragon’s Judgement Episode 6 Release Date, Recap and Preview

Last time on Seven Deadly Sins Dragon’s Judgement Episode 4

Escanor defeated Zeldris and the mystery of Estarossa being Mael was revealed. It was also revealed how Gowther manipulated everyone’s memories about Mael to end the long Holy War

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 5 synopsis

The episode starts with Mael who was in pain after he reverted back from his Estarossa form. King asked why Estarossa who is from Demon Clan is having angelica wings, to which Gowther replies that this is the true form of him and Estarossa of demon clan never existed.

A flashback of Mael is shown when he was young and used to admire his big brother Arch Angel Ludociel and asked Ludociel that will he ever able to become stronger like Ludociel, to which Ludociel replied that one day Mael shall surpass even him.

Later in the flashback, it’s shown how Mael became stronger and received his grace Sunshine. One day 3000 years ago, he saw Meliodas and Elizabeth together and was heartbroken as he loved Elizabeth. At the same time when he was way watching Meliodas and Elizabeth, Gowther spell took effect and existence of Mael was erased and a new being Estarossa of Demon Clan came into existence.

In the present time when Mael was still in pain due to his two contradicting memories of being both Estarossa and Mael. Another flashback is shown when Mael after being turned into Estarossa believed that he is Estarossa and has killed strongest Arch Angel Mael. After being turned into a demon, Mael’s grace Sunshine left his body. When demon king heard that Estarossa has killed Mael, Demon King granted Estarossa the Commandment of Love.

Estarossa recieves commandment of love
Estarossa recieves commandment of love

In present time Mael was still in pain and filled with guilt and regret about how after turned into a demon he killed his own people, the people of Goddess clan. Gowther said to Mael that he manipulated his memories and he’ll take complete responsibility.

Listening this Mael got angry and attacked Gowther and crushed his hand. Gowther told Mael that he is a doll created by real Gowther. Hearing this Mael was filled with more rage. Mael asked Gowther that why only he was chosen for this, Gowther explained that since Meliodas who was the strongest in Demon Clan after The demon king, his betraying the demon clan and siding with goddess clan created a power shift and this started the Holy War so to balance this the strongest of Goddess clan should also be transferred to Demon clan thus creating balance.

Gowther further explained that after losing Mael, goddess clan was forced to use Coffin of Darkness which sealed the whole demon clan in exchange for Goddesses bodies.

And after listening to this Mael was about to kill Gowther but Mael got punched by King’s Chastiefol Guardian form. After being punched, Mael hidden in the dust and smoke said its good that Gowther has friends and he can make Gowther suffer by killing his friends. Mael said that since Gowther is a doll and his body won’t feel any pain so he should make his heart suffer by killing his friends.

A battle broke between King and Mael but Mael was strong as he was holding off the Chastiefol’s first form with ease. Sariel told Tarmiel that they must help King to defeat Mael and then save him as Mael who was eroded by darkness isn’t the Mael they used to know.

Mael blocks Chastiefol
Mael blocks Chastiefol

Elizabeth who was also present there at that time asked Derieri about how to help save Mael. Derieri said that she’ll help in saving Mael. She told everyone the idea to save Mael, first King will distract Mael and then Sariel and Tarmiel will hold off Mael, meanwhile, Derieri will keep on hitting Mael with her Combo Star skill which doubles the intensity of her every next punch while Growther with his magic searches for the commandments stored inside Mael’s body.

Mael vs everyone
Mael vs everyone
Mael vs everyone
Mael vs everyone

But Tarmiel left his hold as he couldn’t see Mael getting punched. This gave Mael and opening since his one hand was freed and so he attacked Derieri and took her commandment out of her and absorbed it himself and injured Derieri fell down where Elizabeth used healing magic on Derieri.

Mael shoots Derieri
Mael shoots Derieri
Mael with Derieri's commandment
Mael with Derieri’s commandment

At the end of the episode Derieri was reminiscing a 3000 year old memory when Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan and she and Monspeet were going to battle with the Stigma. When Derieri saw Monspeet albeit it was only a memory she remembered how Monspeet always cared for her but she never paid attention and now he is dead and Derieri herself is also at the verge of death.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6 is Scheduled to release on Wednesday February 17, in Japan.

This upcoming episode is titled ‘Rise Up Against Despair’

About Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy shonen Anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Nakaba Suzuki. The first season of anime premiered on October 5, 2014.

Set up in magical world Britannia where besides human other clans like Giants, Fairies, Goddess clan were engaged in a war against Demon Clan and as a result, Demon Clan was sealed but This was 3000 years ago. In present time Britannia is very peaceful.

The story revolves around Seven Deadly sins who were once the strongest protectors of Kingdom of Liones, one of the kingdoms in Britannia they were framed for killing the Grand holy knight and were banished from the kingdom.

A girl, 3rd princess of Liones Kingdom started on a journey to find all the Seven Deadly sins to save the Kingdom of Liones from the real killers of the grand holy knight. These killers were the two most respected holy knight in the Kingdom but after being possessed by a Demon they became evil and became a grand holy knight and spread false rumours about the seven Deadly sins.