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Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Dragon’s Judgement Episode 6 review


Previously on Seven Deadly Sins Dragon’s Judgement Episode 5

Mael who learnt the truth from Growther, tries to kill everyone and kills Derieri and absorbed her commandment. Everyone Gowther, King, Elizabeth, Sariel and Tarmiel were in shambles after being hurt by Mael

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6 review

The episode starts with Sariel asking to Tarmiel about why he didn’t hold Mael and because of that Gowther’s plan to stop the rampage of Mael failed. Due to which Mael got an opportunity to kill Derieri.

Sariel and Tarmiel

The 4 commandments which Mael had with him were rejecting and fusing with each other in a large light which seemed to be like cocoon which was a transitioning Mael’s body.

Before transitioning into cocoon form, Mael almost killed everyone Gowther, King, Elizabeth, Sariel and Tarmiel who were present at the Sky island. Sariel told Tarmiel that there only chance to save Mael has gone and now Mael has both the power of light and darkness and also he is trying to absorb the 4 commandments. Sariel said that even Fairy king at full strength wouldn’t be able to defeat Mael and Gowther may have a chance with his physiological attacks but they can’t just count on it. Sariel also that inside that shining warped light, a mighty demon incarnation is about to born and that isn’t the Mael they used to know.

Meanwhile, at the Fairy King’s forest, Oslo who was concerned about King, went to the sky island with Diane to save King. The shining cocoon warped in light was shooting lasers of destruction which hit Sariel and Tarmiel. Diane arrived in time and saved King and Gowther from the destructive lasers with her heavy metal ability.

Soon the cocoon warped in light shrank and a new demon with body of Mael and 4 commandments emerged from it with a battle power of 200,000. The 4 commandments he absorbed were marked on a veil on his head and while using a commandment that commandment disappeared from his head.


The first commandment he used was Sparkling Gem of Love which created a large scale magic explosion and he hit them with it.

Sparkling Gem of Love commandment

Everyone Gowther, King, Elizabeth, Diane, Hawk were badly heart and everyone became sleepy as this attack also turns the pain and physical injuries into pleasure but Gowther used his magic Sense Opener and everyone came back to their senses.

Sense Opener

Gowther told King and Diane to use Trinity attack, a combined attack from Gowther, King and Diane in which Diane through her ritual dance gathers the magic and transfers it to King who transformed his Chastiefol into an Armor and in last step Gowther shoots his magic Range Expansion Kaleidoscope on King to complete the attack and finally, King with his enhanced magic and his numerous clones attack the target.

This Trinity attack was rendered useless due to Mael’s second commandment Bell of truth. Upon seeing this Gowther confirmed that now Mael can give physical form to the commandments he absorbed. This Bell of Truth made disapper all the clones of King.

Bell of Truth commandment

For the next attack Mael switched to another commandment which attacked Diane and King by a Scythe which shallow slashed Diane’s thigh and King’s back. These wounds were shallow as the main work of this Commandment is to render the Targets unable to use their magic by sealing their magic. This commandment was Scythe of Silence.

Mael again tried to use Sparkling Gem of Love but this time Gowther jumped towards Mael grabbed Mael but to stop Gowther, Mael used another commandment Incense of Chastity on Gowther which showed him an illusion of Nadja which rendered Gowther helpless

Mael again switched to previous commandment Sparkling Gem of Love and As Diane and King couldn’t use magic attacks to defend from this attack, Oslo jumped towards Mael and absorbed the attack with his space warping ability but got killed in the process.

Mael again used Sparkling Gem of Love but this time Daine stopped it by using her Sacred Treasurer Gideon as an earthing rod. This is an ability of Sacred Treasurer Gideon to redirect every Magical attack which is directed towards it to the earth. Hawk asked Diane that why didn’t she used this ability up to now, to which she answered that this attack could hurt the organisms living inside the earth and that’s why she didn’t use it and now she figured out that since they were on a man-made sky island then this attack wouldn’t hurt anyone but since this ability redirects the attack into the ground and the ground they were standing was a floating sky island and this island won’t able to withstand another attack of Mael

Mael again attacked with Sparkling Gem of Love and again Daine redirected it to the ground and as a result, island was destroyed into shambles and everybody was falling with the shattered island but since Elizabeth could fly, she grabbed Diane’s hand and Hawk rescued Gowther.

A king whose magic was sealed Mael’s commandment was also falling and was saying to himself that what an ending for the king of Fairies who perishes by falling from the sky and remembers how previous Fairy King, Gloxinia praised him by saying that how King could use the true power of Chastiefol even albeit his wings had only sprouted, he also remembered about Meliodas, Oslo, Daine and Elizabeth and the commandment which sealed King’s power disappeared.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth who was holding Diane from falling was about to be grabbed by Mael but King stopped him. This King was looking different with his wings completely grown like Gloxinia and his body and face looking more like an adult. This probed Gloxinia’s theory that when Harlequin’s wing have fully grown then only his complete power and potential will be unleashed and then he will become the strongest Fairy King in history. The episode ends with King ready to battle Mael.

King Harlequin

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 is Scheduled to release on Wednesday February 24, in Japan.

This upcoming episode is titled ‘Hope, Conflict and Despair

About Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy shonen Anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Nakaba Suzuki. The first season of anime premiered on October 5, 2014.

Set up in magical world Britannia where besides human other clans like Giants, Fairies, Goddess clan were engaged in a war against Demon Clan and as a result, Demon Clan was sealed but This was 3000 years ago. At present time Britannia is very peaceful.

The story revolves around Seven Deadly sins who were once the strongest protectors of Kingdom of Liones, one of the kingdoms in Britannia they were framed for killing the Grand holy knight and were banished from the kingdom.

A girl, 3rd princess of Liones Kingdom started on a journey to find all the Seven Deadly sins to save the Kingdom of Liones from the real killers of the grand holy knight. These killers were the two most respected holy knight in the Kingdom but after being possessed by a Demon they became evil and became a grand holy knight and spread false rumours about the seven Deadly sins.

Seven Deadly Sins
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