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Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Dragon’s Judgement Episode 7 review and Episode 8 Release Date


Previously on Seven Deadly Sins Dragon’s Judgement Episode 6

Mael after absorbing the four commandments, transformed into a strange and began to crush his comrades and friends with his new mighty power. Oslo tried to save everyone but in the process died. Also the sky island on which the battle was going on was destroyed and everyone was falling. King after being defeated wanted to die but he remembered his promise to Diane and due to the desire to protect loved ones, The true power of Fairy King Harlequin awakened.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 synopsis

Part 1 – King vs Mael

The hidden powers of King awakened and he saved Elizabeth and Diane from Mael. After seeing this newly transformed king who’s wings have grown to full size and his appearance looked like more adult and mature, Diane mentioned that it’s not just only the magic power of king which had increased but also his entire aura seemed to be somewhat different, Elizabeth mentioned that his magic power appeared to be like clear blue lake. Diane also wondered if he’s the same King they knew, To this King replied that he is indeed the king they knew and there’s no need of concern.

Mael After transforming into the strange being was attacking everyone in his sight but didn’t said anything but newly awakened King could read the thoughts of anyone, so When King heard Mael’s thought be understood that Mael’s mind is going through convulsions of pain and his consciousness and commandments were the cause of this pain.

Mael again attacked with his Sparkling Gem of Love but King protected everyone with his new awakened powers and new abilities of Chastiefol. King used Chastiefol’s eighth form pollen garden to enclose everyone in a cage to protect everyone from Mael’s attack.

Diane told king that he won’t able to attack or defend if he’s using Chastiefol to protect everyone but to everyone’s suprise, now King could use multiple forms of Chastiefol together. Even the Guardian form, Increase form and first form of Chastiefol was enhanced several folds and even this Mael couldn’t keep with the King’s newly awakened powers.

Mael’s body and mind weren’t stable and his body was changing shapes which was causing Mael too much suffering. Seeing this Gowther told Hawk to position him above Mael as Gowther seemed to have some sort of plan in mind

Part 2 – Gowther and Mael

Meanwhile King who was battling Mael told him that he doesn’t want to kill him but if he intends to hurt anyone then he doesn’t got a choice. King was ready to attack Mael but suddenly Gowther jumped on to Mael and Gowther used his Invasion spell to go inside Mael’s mind to save Mael.

There inside the Mael’s mind Gowther saw the real Mael sitting on a hill. Mael told Gowther that this place will soon cease to be and Gowther should leave as soon as possible. Mael also said that he has committed many sins by killing friends and even the person he loved and doesn’t have a right to live. Listening this, Gowther told Mael that Elizabeth wouldn’t wish for such a thing and also told him that Mael should push the commandments away and regain control over his body.

Soon the commandments inside the Mael’s body arrived to where Gowther and Mael were sitting and told Gowther to leave and also told Gowther that Mael’s only need the power of commandments and nothing else. Gowther said that the commandments can’t exercise their powers unless they aren’t inside someone’s body and that’s why they need Mael’s body.

Mael asked Gowther that why only he was chosen as a candidate to server Gowther plans as there were other strong people and looking at Gowther’s face he remembered a scene from past of holy war 3000 years ago where Mael as a member of goddess clan was killing demons. There he killed a demon girl who exactly looked like Gowther and remembering this, again Mael’s mind went in pain. Gowther siad that that girl was the person whom the real Gowther loved and this Gowther was a doll based on real Gowther’s lover.

The commandments power pushed Gowther back from Mael’s mind and the commandments tried to complete absorb the real Mael’s consciousness but Mael understood everything and he said that he was being a fool and then he pushed the commandments out from his body.

In the real world where Mael and Gowther were falling from the sky, everyone was worried that they if they crashed into the ground from this height and they could die. As Gowther was falling Mael grabbed Gowther’s hand and saved him from falling. Everyone was surprised that Mael has came back to his senses and all this because of Gowther.

After coming back to ground, Mael used a spell on dead body of Derieri and Oslo which would reincarnate them once somewhere in world and there memories of previous life would be intact and then everything being settled, King, Diane, Gowther, Elizabeth, and Mael prepared to go to Camelot to end this long holy war

Part 3 – At Camelot Palace

At Camelot Palace where Escanor, Merlin, Ludociel, Gilthunder, and Hendrickson were battling Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler, some of them who met Estarossa and Mael both were having a headache and their heads were still ringing because of the truth of Mael and Estarossa.

Everyone recovered from the revelation of Mael, but Ludociel was still in much pain as Mael was his brother who was supposed to be dead 3000 years ago and now the fact that he’s alive caused a colossal confusion and pain in Ludociel’s mind

Merlin asked Zeldris that why he isn’t suffering like Ludociel since Estarossa was his brother, to this Zeldris replied that he never considered Estarossa as his brother and this revelation is much of a refreshment rather than disappointment also Escanor reverted back to his muscular form after holding his battle axe which is charged with sunshine.

To defeat Escanor, Merlin and Ludociel, Chandler and Cusack used a spell which caused them to merge together. Surprised by seeing this everyone including Zeldris wondered, what in the world Chandler and Cusack and really and to clear everyone’s confusion, they said that they were one entity to being with and they were the first demon created by demon king but as this Demon was very powerful, he tried to kill demon king and take the throne himself but this Demon was obviously defeated and was split into two to serve as masters for the Demon Princes Meliodas and Zeldris and to to make the princes worthy of throne of the Demon King. Chandler and Cusack gave farewell to Zeldris While they were merging.

Meanwhile in Purgatory, Meliodas, Ban and Wild were standing before the demon king. Demon King told them that since they are here it means that boar must have guided them and they are aware of the door connecting Purgatory and human world and the episode ended.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 8 is Scheduled to release on Wednesday March 3rd, in Japan.

This upcoming episode is titled ‘The Doorway to Hope

About Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy shonen Anime series based on manga series of the same name by author Nakaba Suzuki. The first season of anime premiered on October 5, 2014.

Set up in magical world Britannia where besides human other clans like Giants, Fairies, Goddess clan were engaged in a war against Demon Clan and as a result, Demon Clan was sealed but This was 3000 years ago. At present time Britannia is very peaceful.

The story revolves around Seven Deadly sins who were once the strongest protectors of Kingdom of Liones, one of the kingdoms in Britannia they were framed for killing the Grand holy knight and were banished from the kingdom.

A girl, 3rd princess of Liones Kingdom started on a journey to find all the Seven Deadly sins to save the Kingdom of Liones from the real killers of the grand holy knight. These killers were the two most respected holy knight in the Kingdom but after being possessed by a Demon they became evil and became a grand holy knight and spread false rumours about the seven Deadly sins.

Seven Deadly Sins

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