Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 5: scheduled release date, preview and synopsis of episode 4

By | February 4, 2021

Last time on Seven Deadly Sins-Dragon’s Judgement Episode 4 ‘A Single-Minded Love’:

The episode starts with a scene in Purgatory where Wild(brother of Mild aka hawk), is telling Meliodas and Ban about how he challenged Demon King who sent a hawk to the human world in order to keep eye on Meliodas.

Meliodas and Ban in purgatory.
Meliodas and Ban in purgatory.

Since they were talking about brotherhood, Ban asked Meliodas about Zeldris, Younger brother of Meliodas. Replying to Ban, Meliodas said he never really paid attention to Zeldris and wasn’t there for Zeldris when he needed Meliodas most.

Zeldris and Gelda
Zeldris and Gelda

It was shown flashbacks of Meliodas, 3000 years of the Holy War, during the Holy war just when Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, Vampires who were low-ranking demons, took the advantage of situation and planned a coup but failed and were to be executed by Zeldris who was ordered by Demon King to execute the vampires but Zeldris wasn’t convinced because there was a girl,Gelda in the vampire clan whom he loved with his whole heart but since he couldn’t defy the order of his father, The Demon King so Zeldris decided to seal the Vampire Clan instead of killing them and made a promise with Gelda to save her when things are under control.

When Zeldris came out from the seal after 3000 years, the very first thing he did was going to the place where he had sealed the vampires but unfortunately, the seal and the vault both were broken and a passerby told Zeldris that 12 years ago, some knights from Lions killed the vampires and these knights were seven.

Hearing this Zeldris assumed that it was seven Deadly sins.

Meanwhile, in the Camelot palace where Zeldris, where Meliodas was enveloped in a cocoon for steadily absorbing the commandments to gain the power of Demon king in order to undo the curse placed on Elizabeth by Supreme Deity, a group from stigma comprising of Ludociel, Escanor, Merlin, Hendrickson and Gilthunder, were battling Zeldris, Cusack and Chandler for saving the emotionless Meliodas from becoming the Demon King but Zeldris vowed to protect Meliodas’s cocoon because Meliodas promised Zeldris that he placed a seal on Gelda and is still alive.

Gilthunder, Hendrickson and even Ludociel were useless against Zeldris’s ultimate technique Ominous Nebula and The Full React which pulls the targets with a very strong force and pushes them away with the very strong invisible attack.

Full react ability of Zeldris
Full react ability of Zeldris

Escanor protects Merlin and with his sunshine ability almost at its peak, cancels Ominous Nebula and with his Magic Spear, The One, pierced Zeldris and the episode ends with Zeldris coughing Blood.

Synopsis of Episode 5 ‘Victims of Holy War’:

This episode revealed two major things out of which one was quite tricky so keep reading to clear your doubts

Escanor was unable to finish Zeldris as Chandler Casts Darkness which made Escanor return to his skinny form. Ludocuiel tries to take advantage of half-dead Zeldris and attacks him but Cusack steps in protecting Zeldris. 

Meanwhile, Chandler prepares to annihilate Merlin, Escanor, Hendrickson and Gilthunder who was injured protecting Ludociel. Even Ludociel was pushed back by Cusack and both Chandler and Cusack stood before Merlin and others but even being the highest-ranked demon, Chandler and Cusack were forced to their knees by Merlin who found their Weakness attributes.

chandler and cusack
Chandler And Cusack

Once again no one protecting half dead Zeldris, this gave Ludociel a perfect opportunity to finish Zeldris but as soon as Ludociel finished Zeldris and cried out loud to his dead brother Mael wgo was killed by Estarossa that they have won The Holy War but immediately Ludociel suffers a headache about why he is remembering Estarossa’s face instead of Mael

Ludociel giving finishing blow to zeldris
Ludociel giving finishing blow to zeldris

Meanwhile in Purgatory Meliodas too suffers a headache about why he is remembering Mael’s face instead of Estarossa’s and at the same time, The Demon King appeared before them and told them even he can’t remember Estarossa and points out the possibility that someone changed their memories.

The Demon King in purgatory.
The Demon King in purgatory.

 On the other hand at the ruins of Sky Palace, King, Derieri, Sariel and Tarmiel are fighting Estarossa who had kidnapped Elizabeth. While fighting Estarossa, Sariel and Tarmiel also suffer from a headache about why can’t they remember Mael’s face Also Merlin also suffers the same headache.

A flashback of gowther talking with doll gowther is shown 3000 years ago is shown. Gowther said that I order to end The Holy War he will cast a spell which will change everyone’s memories about a certain man(Mael) which will force Goddess Clan to believe that Mael is killed by Estarossa (Mael was changed to Estarossa, it means Estarossa Never Existed) but gowther pointed that if ever someone’s notices the mistake then their minds will come into controversy and everything will be revealed.

Gowther talking about ending the holy war
Gowther talking about ending the holy war

At the end of episode Estarossa can be seen reverting to Mael

Estarossa  reverting to Mael
Estarossa reverting to Mael

Preview and Release Date and time of Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Dragon’s Judgement Episode 6 ‘A Sorrowful Blow’:

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 6 is scheduled to release on February 10. This upcoming episode is named ‘A Sorrowful Blow‘.

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