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Should you go ahead and check up how The Last of Us ends?

Should you go ahead and check up how The Last of Us ends?

It’s possible that the hotly contested conclusion of the original game will be worth the wait for the TV series. We recommend to try bally’s free slots from our partners.

Although The Last of Us by Naughty Dog may be one of the most successful video games of all time, it is fair to say that the critically praised and much debated narrative of the zombie epic was presented to a whole new audience by HBO’s The Last of Us television series. And a portion of the audience is probably thinking, “How is everything going to turn out?”

You could have received the impression that The Last of Us depicts a narrative whose conclusion sparked a great amount of controversy in 2013 if you were within five yards of a video game at any point in that year. Perhaps you’re interested about where all that drama comes from. Or maybe, after viewing the pilot episode, you’re not sure whether you want to sign up for something that may include, for example, Joel’s new surrogate baby passing away. If this is the case, you probably don’t want to. Or maybe you simply prefer to be prepared for anything comes your way, and you make it a habit to gobble up spoilers whenever you have the chance.

Let’s talk about the reasons why you may genuinely want to walk into The Last of Us (2013) without knowing what happens at the end before we simply tell you what occurs at the conclusion of the game.


The conclusion of The Last of Us is not ambiguous in its presentation, as it describes the progression of events and the reasons behind them in a manner that is crystal apparent; nevertheless, it does give opportunity for each player to create their own view on the conclusion. It needs a response, as well as debate, as well as essays claiming “X was correct” and rebuttals claiming “No, you psychopath, X was wrong.”

It may be debated whether or not the conclusion of The Last of Us has a real twist ending. However, it is an ending that definitively recasts The Last of Us as a different type of tale than what it really is. Members of the Polygon team who have played the game can confirm to the fact that having prior knowledge of the game’s conclusion has a significant impact on how one reacts to the show.

If you don’t already know the conclusion of The Last of Us and aren’t entirely intent on knowing what happens, we’d encourage you not to check it up. Enjoy the narrative in the manner in which it was written, and make the most of (in a responsible manner) the meaty open questions that it provides!


That is absolutely true. Sometimes, you simply need to know what you’re getting yourself into – the death of a parental figure or kid, particularly in a narrative with as much violence as this one, may bring up a lot of difficult feelings. And there are enough of tragic deaths of children to go around in The Last of Us (and not just the horrific one in its first episode). Keep scrolling beyond the picture, and we’ll tell you what happens next.


To tell you the truth, this is one of the aspects of the conclusion of The Last of Us that has been the subject of the most heated controversy (2013). Your experience may be different, but you should anticipate having conflicting views about it.


In the last act of The Last of Us (2013), Joel and an unconscious Ellie arrive in Salt Lake City after many traumatic adventures, and Ellie is promptly brought in for treatment. Marlene, who had not considered the possibility that Joel might develop paternal feelings for the child he was hired to smuggle, tells Joel that the only way to make a cure is to remove a portion of Ellie’s brain, which will result in her death.

Marlene had not considered the possibility that Joel might develop paternal feelings for the child. This action serves as the beginning of the climactic battle phase in The Last of Us.

Ellie is taken out of the facility by Joel after he has finished out everyone else in the Firefly lab. In spite of the fact that the player, playing as Joel, eliminates a large number of individuals during the course of the game, the conclusion makes a point of emphasising that this bloodbath is something beyond.

And to be clear, unlike other role-play-leaning games, Joel’s actions are not left to player option – the only way to continue the game is to pilot Joel as he murders physicians who are screaming for their lives, shoots Marlene in cold blood, and then lies to Ellie about it.

When Ellie eventually comes to and asks what happened and why they are travelling away from the Firefly base, Joel tells her a complete fabrication in order to convince her that the Firefly scientists had already discovered that individual immunity could not produce a cure, and that is why he had taken her away without incident.

Ellie is eventually convinced by this explanation. As the end of the game approaches, Joel and Ellie make their way back to the safe haven together. The outcome of the human race and the ethical implications of Joel’s decision are left up to the player’s interpretation.

The journey that Joel and Ellie have been on throughout the game is transformed from a bright and cheerful mission to rescue the planet into something darker and more introspective towards the conclusion. It’s a twist in the sense that unexpected facts are disclosed (Ellie would have to die for a cure; the treatment doesn’t get created), but the revelations themselves weren’t what drove the conversation forward in the first place.

There are a lot of different ways to feel about the events at the conclusion of The Last of Us – that Joel was wrong, and his conduct terrible. That while Joel’s actions were immoral, he did what he did out of love for his girlfriend.

That it was inexcusable for the game to force the player to participate in the villain’s rampage, or that the game was poorly designed. Or if everyone else was overreacting to a very nice video game that presented an engaging tale and allowed you to fight zombies and cultists and other things in the game.

However, the manner in which the story’s conclusion was carried out in The Last of Us ensured that each of those emotions was experienced to a significant degree. And wherever there are strong sentiments, there will be never-ending discourse, and ultimately, people will want to Google the topic to find out what everyone is talking about.

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