Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill

On we will review about Studio Movie Grill.

In the year 2000, a company known as Studio Movie Grill (“SMG”) brought a contemporary twist to the classic activity of attending to the movies by mixing first-run films with full-service food in the theater.

SMG turned to the Digital Marketing team at Tractorbeam in order to conduct recurring campaigns focused on boosting ticket sales. SMG has more than 30 sites, and the competition is expanding.

Tractorbeam collaborated with the audience insights team at SMG to develop distinct audience objectives for each film genre. Because of this, we were able to zero in on the exact keywords and advertising language that would appeal to moviegoers the most.

The Google Ads campaign was reorganized in order to capitalize on the release of new movies by using the one-of-a-kind value proposition that SMG offers in order to achieve high click through rates on long tail keywords.

Studio Movie Grill
Studio Movie Grill

Programmatic and Retargeting

Tractorbeam leveraged the vast audience information to construct granular, movie-focused programmatic advertising campaigns with the goal of increasing advanced ticket sales, driving conversions on special event ticket sales, and increasing general ticket sales.

Retargeting was developed in order to match website visitors of certain movie sites with the specific movie adverts, which resulted in a 60% increase in conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization

Together with SMG, Tractorbeam worked to enhance organic ranks, adopt best practices for user experience (UX), raise website conversion rate, and increase organic search-driven traffic and sales.

Technical Optimization

Tractorbeam offered rapid suggestions for crucial technical SEO modifications in order to increase the performance of the website. These recommendations included adjustments to the meta-tag, schema markup, site-map, as well as the website structure and hierarchy.

Content Optimization

In addition to doing technical SEO, Tractorbeam started optimizing content for keywords, synonyms, near variations, and semantic distance in order to bring attention to the most important material for search engines. Most significantly, the material was created with the intention of providing more value to site users, expanding the amount of information available, and making a positive contribution to the development of the internet as a whole.