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Subway Surfer Game (Unlimited coins & Keys & unlocked) + Mega Mod

Subway Surfer is an unlimited runner mobile game. It is co-developed by SYBO and kiloo Games. It is based in Denmark.

You can play this endless runner game on Android, iOS, Mac, OS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Windows and Kindle. This makes the game so easy to play anywhere like at home, school, road etc.

It was released in 24th May 2012 and later get updated in January 2013. “World Tour” came with the updated version. In May 2018 Subway Surfer be assigned as the first game to cross one billion download mark. Later, in May 2018 It crossed 2 billion and it does not stop on the mark. When 2019 came, it became the most downloaded game with 2.7 billion download mark. This shows the users love for the game.

If You want to play Subway Surfer like a pro, so you should install subway surfers mod apk

Subway surfer on
Subway surfer on

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Game Play subway surfers mod apk

In this endless game, Players will get over 200 characters but the default character is Jake. The characters run through the railway track, take golden coins. They run to evade from the Police Inspector and his angry dog.

They get many power-ups, gifts and other special gears to help them run. They can even jump, simply swipe up, swipe down and surf (with their hoverboards).

If players want to change lanes, they just have to swipe left or right depending upon the conditions and also can dodge building and trains and earn gold coins.

Subway surfer on
Subway surfer on

Similarly, they also face obstacles like a collision with a train and other objects. So a point comes in the game when the player collides with train or objects and caught by the police and his angry dog. But players can enjoy the game more interestingly without any kind of restrictions on Subway Surfer Apk Mod.

You might have a question arise, What are the features of Subway Surfer Apk Mod? You will get full details in the end but firstly let’s talk about the details on Subway Surfer.


Subway Surfer is an endless game so players who want to achieve a higher score should have higher multipliers. It can be more simple to understand by stating that, Higher Multipliers = high scores. By taking an example it can be more-easy,

Mei Bali Surfer

Player gets a powerup by getting 2x multiplier and due to that, the score becomes double like if the score of the player is 5x it becomes 10x. That means It is easier to get a high score in 10x multiplier than 5x multiplier.

So, Multipliers are necessary to score high in Subway Surfer.

There are some events which is helpful to increase Multiplier,

-2x Multiplier

-Score Booster

-Super Mysterizer

-Special Thursday

When the player first enters the game, they have 1x multiplier so players might have a question, How to get higher multiplier in this game?

When players successfully complete a mission, the multipliers increase automatically with an increase in the level.

The mission is all about earning coins, jumping and collecting the powerups.

All you need to do is, Just focus to complete the missions and boost your multiplier to the highest 30x. This is the maximum multiplier and by reaching this level, your multiplier will permanently improve.

Characters of subway surfers mod apk

Let us talk about some characters of Subway Surfer…

As I already said, Jake is the default character of Subway Surfer. He appeared in the game icon. There are over 200 characters with Jake but all are locked. They can be “unlocked” in some ways,

Players can unlock the characters by collecting the attributes of the character during the game period. Many attributes are given in the Subway Surfer game like the hat, boom box and clothing.

Some characters which can only be unlocked by price or special methods are,

Miss Maia




Festive Fresh




Some Characters which can be “unlocked” by coins and playing are,






Prince K





Rin and many others.

While the police inspector and his dog are always in the same character but he changes his uniform according to the location. But during new Orlean Version, Frankenstein’s Monster with his Skeleton Dog replaces Inspector and his dog.

Subway Surfer Poki

Poki is one of the best free online game website owned by Robert Punya. It provides best selections that will make you crazy and Players can have the best experience while playing on poki. The main part of Poki is, players can play their game without any kind of log in or downloads.

You can play Subway Surfer or any other games on desktop, smartphone and tablet also while using Poki in Free.

If we talk about Viruses and safety,

So Yes,Poki has Virus!

Players can access many games in Poki but there is a heavy amount of violence and lack of information so make sure that you are playing games with guidance.

But this is one of the best platforms and thus, it has users in millions. You will get the best experience while playing on Poki.

How to play Subway Surfer on Poki using the keyboard?

Left arrow– Use to move in left direction

Right arrow– Use to move in the right direction

Up arrow– Use for jump

Down arrow- Use to roll to escape from obstacles.

Space– By giving space, you can activate your hoverboard for surfing.

Playing Subway Surfer on Poki is the best gaming experience ever. The best part is that players do not need any kind of log in or download process so all these distractions are not available here. All you need to do is, just play freely and keep enjoying!

Now, let us talk about some advantages and disadvantages of Subway Surfer,

What are the advantages of playing Subway Surfer?

In a boring time, people always in the search of something unique and new to do, so Subway Surfer which is an unique game of endless runner, make people enjoy and keep them entertaining. Players can get relief from their stress and they can even improve their response time. The level of concentration while playing also increases. It also makes ease for Anxiety and Depression.

So yes, It provides many benefits and thus keeps you entertained every time.

What are the disadvantages of playing Subway Surfer?

Like advantages, there are disadvantages too. Yes, it is true that it provides high skills of thinking and also increases its level but anything can cause harm if it becomes an addiction. And video games are just made to be addictive, so it is necessary to have some control over yourself while playing.

Players can also fail to keep attachment with their close ones and relationships. As They start playing every hour so they start to disconnect their touch with outer world.

The wait is over…

Subway surfers mod apk

There are more than thousands of games available and still being launched according to the users. One of the most famous OS mobiles is Android. And in each and every Android have games too. Some have more and some have less but games are everywhere. But not every game, players like to play. Yes, only some famous and popular games exist in mobiles according to the player’s choice of interest.

Subway surfers mod apk is one of those games that become very popular in overall the world and has been downloaded over 2.7 billion times. This game has millions of active users every month.

As we talked before, Subway Surfers game is an endless running game and has become one of the most popular game in the list around the world. This game is all about running through the railway track and grab the gold coins. There are many characters as said before, they run, escape from the police inspector and his dog. They also jump, swipe left or right to dodge the obstacles and collect coins and special gears to help them while running. You would fall in love playing this.

But there are many characters and features are locked. You need to pay or using some special methods to “unlocked” these features and characters. These things make it a little harder to play or run with full interest. But this is not impossible to “unlock” these features.

Yes, there is the best solution, and that is subway surfers mod apk. This MOD version is a key to unlock those features. All you need to do is, Download the subway surfers mod apk version for your Android devices and start playing with zero restrictions and with full of interest.

It is important to know the Features of Subway Surfers MOD APK, so here we go..

– All your locked features will “unlocked” and you will love to play with the unlocking features.

-As this game itself is based on high quality, colours and HD graphics which suits every device, but this Mod version is more amazing and will take you in the new awesome tour.

– Players can participate in the Weekly Hunts and win prizes.

– Some things are hiddenly present there, it will add more interest while playing to find out hidden things.

– Players can connect themselves with your social media and the Mod version will be more responsive.

Download Subway surfers mod apk

Now you all know about the Mod version of Subway Surfers, So here we provide you link so that you can download the Subway Surfers MOD APK version. There are so many websites too which provide Subway Surfers Mod Apk new versions links but some are older versions Apk and some create error issues.

All you need to do is, simply click on the link and you will all set to download the Subway Surfers MOD APK version. So below the link is mentioned to download the Apk Mod version. Do download and start playing without any kind of restrictions. We will provide another link if we will find another update of the new version. Please do comment if you find any error, we will try to solve it soon:)

There are some steps to install the Subway Surfers APK MOD file…

– The first thing to do is, uninstall any Subway Surfer from your device if you have another one.

– Click on the link given above which we provide you and just download the Subway Surfers MOD APK version after then check your downloaded file.

– There you will get an option of installation so simply click on it.

– Enable Unknown Sources from the setting of your Android device.

– Its all set now, your installation process will take some seconds and once it is done, it’s icon will show on your home screen.

– Just click and start playing with more fun!

Now, enjoy the Subway Surfers MOD APK file with all its best features and advantages. You guys would have the best experience and would love to play this!

Thank You!

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