Instagram Username Ideas

Potential Instagram followers and consumers will use your username to locate you across all social media platforms.

Your Instagram page’s success or failure hinges on your username since it serves as the first impression you provide to current and future followers.

Why? Here’s the thing, then. Usernames that are simple, catchy, and entertaining tend to be the most popular. Now consider this. Blonde in Foreign Lands.

That’s a perfect username in every way. It’s simple to say and spell. Additionally, it’s a lot of fun.

Let’s come up with a username like The Blonde Abroad. The same terms, but they are not as ‘simple’ to memorize or look up.

Why? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a fan of this website who is discussing it over coffee with friends. “The blonde beneath the sea has some very interesting stuff,” they said. Can you believe how much more difficult the same thing has become?

Instagram Username Ideas for Travel

  1. name + in transit – example: @alexintransit
  2. name’s + journey – example: @juliasjourney
  3. name + travels – example: @jodytravels
  4. name + explores – example: @haileyexplores
  5. name’s + bucketlist – example: @monicasbucketlist
  6. niche + location – example: @thetravelingcanadian
  7. niche + description – example: @thewanderingcouple
  8. description + niche- example: @familyofnomads
  9. niche + description – example: @thenomadicfamily
  10. niche + project – example: @thetravelproject

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