Sunghoon Enhypen Age, Boyfriend, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki

Why is Sunghoon so famous?

Park Sung-hoon (Korean: 박성훈; born December 8, 2002), known mononymously as Sunghoon, is a South Korean singer, presenter, and former figure skater. He became a figure skater in 2010 and retired in 2020. He is a current member of the South Korean boy band Enhypen.

With a face and body to die for, Sunghoon is the most desired member among the members of ENGHYPN!

He’s the tallest in the group and has the sharpest sense of fashion. He’ll be able to give you tips on how to look good in any clothes you wear.

He likes to go all-white when he’s out, but he also wants to add a little color here and there in his outfits.

One of his favorite looks was in I-LAND, where he wore a hoodie with a colorful shirt underneath it. This shows that he’s not afraid to experiment with fashion!

He tends to choose comfortable clothes and is easy to move around in. For example, he wore a round-neck T-shirt under a blazer for ‘I’m Your Boy. He also wore slip-on sneakers for ‘Fashion King’

Sunghoon is so popular among his fans because of his perfection in every way!

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What is the name full name of Sunghoon?

Stage Name: Sunghoon (성훈)

Birth Name: Park Sung-hoon (박성훈)

What is the Birthday of Sunghoon

Birthday: December 8, 2002

What is the height of the Sunghoon?

Height: 181 cm (5’11”)

Education of Sunghoon

Bangkok High School

What is the Nickname of Sunghoon?

Ice Prince (chosen by himself), Figure Skate Prince, ENHYPEN’s Handsome Member

Favorite things of Sunghoon?

His most attractive thing is the Dimple on his face.

As an actor, he has great acting and facial skills.

His favorite color is White

His favorite ice-cream flavor is coffee

Official Social Media accounts handle of Sunghoon.

Pinterest –

He studied at Pangok High School and currently attends Dongguk University as a film major. He has an older sister who is two years older than him.

His hobbies include writing, swimming, and figure skating. His extraordinary talents are playing guitar and beatboxing. His role model is Lee Hyori.

He was one of the featured B-boys in the music video for iKON’s “Bling Bling, “alongside Bobby and B-Joo.

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Who is Sunghoon famous for?

Sunghoon is a Famous South Korean singer, presenter, and former figure skater. He is popular in South Korea and famous in the USA, Canada, Australia, and India.

Sunghoon is a singer. He is a good skater. He used to skate in competition. Now he sings with his friends.

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What is Enhypen meaning in English?

The meaning of Enhypen is “Connection, Discovery, & Growth.”

Park Sung-hoon, also known as Sunghoon, is a famous South Korean singer, presenter, and former figure skater. He is a current member of the South Korean boy band Enhypen.

Sunghoon is a South Korean singer, presenter, and former figure skater. He became a figure skater in 2010.

Sunghoon and Girls Chemistry

Sunghoon is the best visual of ENHANCE, and he looks very handsome from any angle you glance at. It seems that many people love him because of his good-looking appearance, and he’s also getting a lot of attention from the fans.

He has a very bright personality, and he likes to make friends with others. He is also someone who would happily give a handshake when meeting someone.

He always says, “I like to be nice to people” to his members, and it seems that he’s making his effort to follow what he said.

In addition to his good looks, he is also loved by fans because of his passion for figure skating. Figure skating is one of the things that Sunghoon enjoys, and it seems that he could spend all day talking about it if you let him.

He always makes sure that everyone knows what he thinks about figure skating and sometimes even persuades others to watch competitions with him.

Sunghoon is known for liking girls who are friendly and shy. He gets easily attracted by girls who can cook well, doesn’t get angry at him for anything, and treats him nicely. However, it seems that there is someone who fits.