Target And Kill Your Anxiety Through a Breathing Exercise.

There is a certain rate is increased in Anxiety, Depression, Self-loathing, Stress lack of love and Self-destruction in the past few decades. It’s a very deep and intense feeling only the person, who is going through it, only they can understand it. My friend came & told me, “I’m in depression and how can I get rid of it! Nobody loves me, where should I go? I’m alone😓. I ask her, Do you meditate? Try breathing technique and rid out of it your problems. Do you know you can Target And Kill Your Anxiety and depression Through a Breathing Exercise?

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She said “I had heard about it, but I don’t know how to do it. Is it really works? And I am not part of any group or something.

peace and anxiety
anxiety and peace.

What is breathing exercise and how it works?

There are so many types of mediation and breathing exercises are available but our main focus is to live in the moment and aware of that moment be happy in present forget the worries of past and stop daydreaming of the future. I am also doing this from the past few years, I’m not that perfect guide, but still, I found my way out of it.

The benefit of doing the breathing.

There are loads of benefits such as Natural painkiller, Improves blood flow, Increases the energy level, Improves posture, Reduces inflammation, It detoxifies the body, Stimulates the lymphatic system, Improves digestion.

Target And Kill Your Anxiety Through a Breathing Exercise.
Target And Kill Your Anxiety Through a Breathing Exercise.

It’s near to Yoga but not yoga it’s just simple breathing technique(not exercise), in which you just have to pay attention to that portion of your nose where you, “Inhale and Exhale through the nose” and now pay attention to the wind where it touches and by the time you will feel calm. This one is followed by me from the last few years and yes beneficial for the mind, work and in regular life. For relaxation, I do deep and intense breathing.

Doing anything without any guidance it’s foolishness. I will recommend this app would surely help you from basic to a higher level. You will get whole information only by clicking on this link Or you can directly download this app from here. I wrote whole information of it check this link also, Calm-Take a Deep Breath and Be Your Own.

Self-awareness is most important for a human, don’t ruin your relationship, friends, family relation due to it. shows your better version to yourself. Even someone who loves you will love you more when you love them and meditation gonna teach you that without have any stress.

Then what about stress management?

This technique helps in reducing stress and control on anger which comes due to stress, overwork and tension.

Target And Kill Your Anxiety Through a Breathing Exercise.
Target And Kill Your Anxiety Through a Breathing Exercise.

Whenever you feel like more in stress, Inhale gently for 5 seconds take it deep and exhale for 10 seconds. Don’t get panic and doing every day for few mins could change your direction towards positivity.

You can download the Calm App here

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