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The 5 Finest Bench Vises to Have in Your Home Workshop or Garage

The 5 Finest Bench Vises to Have in Your Home Workshop or Garage

You are going to require a strong bench vise in order to hold an item in place firmly, regardless of whether it is made of wood, metal, or plastic, Vice grip.

It is one of the most helpful additions that you can add to your workbench, and it will probably wind up being more handy than you would first think it will be.

They are available in a variety of designs and styles, but in their most basic form, they are basically huge clamps that are affixed directly to the top, side, or front of your workbench. The jaws of these clamps are opened and closed with the help of a spinning screw.

You’ll be able to handle a range of jobs in the fields of woodworking, metalworking, and automobile repair since you’ll have the capacity to safely and securely hold almost anything in place while you work on it.

Bench Vise

Bench Vise: What You Need to Know Bence Vice

Make a note of the width of the jaws on the vise, and check to see whether they are wide enough to accommodate the tasks that you have in mind using the vise. Remember that “jaw breadth” and “jaw openness” are not always synonymous.

In a similar vein, I was wondering what you planned on utilizing for your vise. Select a model with a pipe jaw if you want to deal with metal pipes.

Instead of attempting to fix a circular pipe in the flat face, which may easily damage or misshape your pipe, you can use this additional, angled jaw.

This is a great addition for cutting metal pipes with a hacksaw. On the other hand, a woodworking vise is the way to go if you need to clamp down on a big piece of wood without marring its finish.

How We Made Our Choices Vice Grips


IRWINIRWIN Tools 4935507

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Throughout my time working as a home carpenter, I’ve been familiar with many different kinds of bench vises. I utilized this experience to compile a list of possibilities, and I tried my best to ensure that I included a fair variety of vise types. As a result, regardless of whether you’re a carpenter, an automobile enthusiast, or simply someone who wants a sturdy, trustworthy vise, you should be able to find something that works for you in this collection. I also took into consideration the size and weight of the solutions, bearing in mind that not everyone has the room to accommodate more substantial or heavier alternatives.

Jaw Breadth: 4 and a half inches
Jaw Capacity is equal to three inches.

This low-priced vise offers the sturdy foundation that is required for the majority of fundamental jobs, and it does so at a cost that is substantially lower than other solutions that are comparable. Its jaws can accommodate things with a width of up to three inches, and since it weighs just 11.22 pounds, mounting it shouldn’t be too difficult or time-consuming. In addition, because of its small size, it is an excellent choice for weekend warriors who may not have the room or a work table that is sufficiently large to accommodate a bigger unit.

For many years, our company has relied on Irwin hand tools, and during that time, our experience with their functionality and dependability has been nothing but excellent, particularly with regard to their clamps and vises.

Low cost and a small footprint are also advantages.

Con: The capacity of the jaws may be insufficient for certain people.


TOOLSMITHToolsmith 240006

2.5 to 3 inches is the capacity of the jaws.

This little vise is ideal for holding tiny things such as keys, acrylic pieces, or compact craft products due to its convenient size and compact design. Your work piece is less likely to be dented or marred thanks to the nylon-covered jaws, which are also well suited for handling more delicate materials.

You can also rotate it to whatever position you desire, which is helpful when you really need to concentrate on precise crafting jobs since you have so much control over the angle. The bolts aren’t necessary if you’re only using this as a temporary vise; just clamp it to your workstation. The anvil surface is a great addition that is not often seen on vises of this size. We really like this feature.


WILTON TOOLSWilton 63302

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