What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application program, which is the best tool to organize and present data contained in different cells. 

It provides the facility to edit table information, filter tables, create graphs and charts of analyzed data, currency exchange rates, etc.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps you make lists, charts, and graphs. 

You can also use Excel to keep track of your household budget or create specialized payroll reports for your business. 

It’s a great tool for performing complex calculations and modeling projects in science and engineering.

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys
Microsoft Excel shortcut keys

Shortcut Key for Microsoft Excel – When you need to do some instant calculations and don’t want to use the mouse, it’s nice to have some handy tools. 

The quick way to open the calculator or add a date or a timestamp to cell contents is good to know. 

What about adding a border around selected cells or repeating a command that you’ve just executed. 

This book contains over 60 shortcuts covering all these topics and more.

You can get a lot of work done with just one shortcut key press!

Frequently Used Excel Shortcuts

CopyCtrl + CCommand + C
PasteCtrl + VCommand + V
UndoCtrl + ZCommand + Z
SaveCtrl + SCommand + S
RedoCtrl + YCommand + Y
CutCtrl + XCommand + X
BoldCtrl + BCommand + B
PrintCtrl + PCommand + P
Find and replace cell contentsCtrl + HCommand + H
Insert a hyperlink in a cellCtrl + KCommand + K
Format the cell contentsCtrl + 1Command + 1
Hide a RowCtrl + 9Command + 9
Hide a ColumnCtrl + 0Command + 0
Close your current workbookCtrl + WCommand + W
Fill DownCtrl + DCommand + D
Fill RightAlt + G + HCommand + R
Insert cellsShift + F2Control + Shift + =
Delete cellsDeleteCommand + Hyphen
Calculate all open workbooksF9F9
Close windowCtrl + EscCommand + W
Quit ExcelAlt + F4Command + Q
Display the Go To dialogF5F5
Display the Format Cells dialogCtrl + 1Command + 1
Open the Paste Special dialogCtrl + Alt + VCommand + Option + V
UnderlineCtrl+UCommand + U
ItalicCtrl+ICommand + I
New blank workbookCtrl + OCommand + O
Display the Save As dialogF12F12
Select AllCtrl + ACommand + A
Apply or remove strikethrough formattingCtrl+5Command + 5
Extend the cell selection to the left or rightShift + Left/Right arrowShift + Left/Right arrow
Select the entire rowShift + SpaceShift + Space
Select the entire columnCtrl + SpaceCmd + Space
Select the entire worksheetCtrl + Shift + SpaceCmd + Shift + Space
Frequently Used Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Enter Data Into Sheets

Edit the selected cellF2F2
Add or edit a cell commentShift + F2Shift + F2
Paste a Cell nameF3F3
Complete a cell entry and move forward in the selectionEnterReturn
Start a new line in the same cellAlt + EnterOption + Return
Complete a cell entry and move up in the selectionShift + EnterShift + Return
Complete a cell entry and move to the right in the selectionTab keyTab key
Complete a cell entry and move to the left in the selectionShift + TabShift + Tab
Cancel a cell entryEscEsc
Delete the character to the leftBackspaceDelete
Delete the character to the rightN/AFN + Delete
Move one characterArrow keysArrow keys
Move to the beginning of the lineHomeHome
Move to the last cell in use on the sheetCtrl + EndCommand + End
Move down one screenPage downPage down
Enter the current timeCtrl + Shift + colon (:)Control + option + colon (:)
Enter the current dateCtrl + semi-colon (;)Control + semi-colon (;)
Move the selected cellsCtrl + XCommand + X
Copy the selected cellsCtrl + CCommand + C
Insert a hyperlinkCtrl + KCommand + K
Calculate the active sheetShift+ F9Shift + F9
Start a formulaEqual (=)Equal (=)
Insert the AutoSum formulaAlt + =Command + Shift + T
Insert a functionShift + F3Shift + F3
Open the Smart Lookup paneN/AControl + Option + Command + L
Define a nameAlt + MControl + L
Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Enter Data Into Sheets

Office Add-Ins Task Pane Excel Shortcuts

Open the context menuCtrl + Shift + F10Control + Shift + F10
Open the task pane options menuCtrl + Space barControl + Space bar
Close the task paneCtrl + Space barand select closeControl + Space barand select close
Office Add-Ins Task Pane Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel Function Key Excel Shortcuts

Display the Help windowF1F1
Edit the selected cellF2F2
Insert a noteShift + F2Shift+F2
Insert a threaded commentCtrl + Shift + F2Command + Shift + F2
Open the Save dialogF12Option + F2
Open the Formula BuilderShift + F3Shift + F3
Open the Define Name dialogCtrl + F3Command + F3
CloseCtrl + F4Command + F4
Display the Go To dialogF5F5
Display the Find dialogN/AShift + F5
Move to the search sheet dialogCtrl + F5Control + F5
Check a spellingF7F7
Open the thesaurusShift + F7Shift + F7
Extend the selectionF8F8
Display the Macro dialogAlt + F8Option + F8
Minimize the active windowCtrl + F9Control + F9
Insert a new chart sheetF11F11
Microsoft Excel Function Key Excel Shortcuts

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