The Best Resources for Free Books:

By | March 25, 2020
The Best Resources for Free Books
Best Free Books

With COVID-19 quarantines and everyone being more mindful of their budget, it may seem like there are few affordable at-home options for entertainment.

In this coronavirus crisis Luckily, we found plenty of free online books for you and your family—they’re all completely legal, too. This list is curated by the Humbaa books staff. So enjoy my friends

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Here’s Where You Can Read Free Books

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  • Project Gutenberg: The most well-known source on the internet for classic novels and other texts. You can browse the latest additions along with the most popular, or search for a specific title by authors like Jane Austen or Franz Kafka.
  • Audible: The audiobook titan has made a few selections of their library available for free, called Audible Stories. The titles are aimed at users aged 0 to 18 as a way to engage kids who can’t be in school right now, and are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian. No log-in or credit card required.
  • International Children’s Digital Library: If you’re looking for kids’ books, look no further than this nonprofit organization! Find popular diverse children’s literature from around the world here.
  • Librivox: Find and download public domain audiobooks read and uploaded by volunteers.
  • Wikisource: Dive into nearly 400,000 public domain texts, including classic books from authors like Rudyard Kipling, Agatha Christie, and James Joyce.
  • Read Print: This is another place to read classic literature, but the site is much more user friendly as it lets you track what books you have read and want to read and chat with others in open book clubs.
  • Open Library: You can borrow, read, and sponsor any of the nearly 1.8 million books here, though you’ll need an Internet Archive account to do so.
  • Manybooks: Scour popular domain eBooks across tons of genres, and either read them online or download a copy for iPad, Kindle, or Nook. Enjoy Editor’s Picks here as well.
  • BookBub: Find tons of free eBook deals here, including favorites from genres like sci-fi and romance.
  • Library of Congress: A stellar option for finding classic public domain books, kids’ books, historical American literature, and more.
  • Internet Sacred Text Archive: The world’s biggest source for texts on religion, folklore, mythology, and the esoteric.
  • Riveted: Find popular YA books and excerpts here. But there’s a catch—each title is only available for a limited time.
  • Feedbooks: Another great source for public domain fiction and non-fiction books, covering genres like mystery, horror, science, history, and more.
  • Open Culture: A huge source for eBooks and audiobooks that you can enjoy online or as a download, including authors like Neil Gaiman, H.P. Lovecraft, David Foster Wallace, and others. They also host lectures given by figures like Carl Sagan and Bertrand Russell, and recordings of authors reading their work, like T.S. Eliot.
  • Free eBooks: As the name says, this site specializes in all kinds of eBooks, from economic nonfiction and erotic fiction to textbooks and audiobooks.

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