7 Things You Should Never Post on LinkedIn in 2022

By | December 16, 2021

Today’s business environment is heavily saturated with social networking. As such, professionals are encouraged to develop their online presence as much as possible because it represents who they are and what they do best.

Even though the internet provides a lot of opportunities for individuals, it can also be dangerous and destructive if used inappropriately.

Here are seven things that you should never post on LinkedIn if you want to maintain a positive and professional image:

1. Personal Information:

It’s best to keep your personal life and your professional life separate on LinkedIn. Don’t post anything that could potentially compromise your privacy or reveal confidential information about your company.

2. Political or Religious Posts:

These topics can be very polarizing, and it’s best to avoid stirring up controversy on LinkedIn. It’s a place for business professionals to connect and share ideas, not to debate about politics or religion.

7 Things You Should Never Post on LinkedIn
7 Things You Should Never Post on LinkedIn

3. Controversial Posts:

Similarly, don’t post anything that could create conflict or negative reactions from your connections. Keep the tone of your posts positive and professional at all times.

4. Sales Pitch Posts:

Don’t use LinkedIn to pitch yourself or your business unless it’s in the form of an endorsement or testimonial. You can still include a link to your website, but don’t turn the platform into another outlet for spamming people with self-promotion.

5. Inappropriate or Unprofessional Photos:

This includes inappropriate or unprofessional selfies and pictures with questionable content. It’s important to always maintain a professional image, and LinkedIn is one of the best places to do so.

6. Negative Comments:

As much as it can be tempting to voice your opinion on certain topics, you should always remain positive and refrain from negative comments about anything and anyone.

7. Solicitation:

It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is a social networking site, not an online job board or advertising platform. You should only post content that benefits your professional career, and posting things like “I’m looking for a job” will do more harm than good.


LinkedIn is one of the best places to build your professional network and share ideas with like-minded people.

Just remember never to post anything that would undermine your credibility or reflect badly on yourself as a professional.

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