TikTok banned 5 worthy substitutes

Best alternative for Tiktok 2020

Tiktok is gentle fun for millions of users around the world for most of the government TikTok short video sharing app is a political spine because the TikTok owned by a Chinese company a few governments incorporate the US and India bother about the ultimatum that the platform causes to national security.

India has banned 60 Chinese apps including TikTok. Chinese app mention security concern and other hand US is intimidating the same. After Apple find out TikTok accessing users secretly but Chinese company denied and said that the app doesn’t observe and not wicked purposes.         

If you are TikTok user, you are not all that interested in geopolitical marvellous e.g. relating to the way power is achieved are you really interested in an easy app to shoot videos to make people smile and learn more about things in various faculties we don’t know what will be happening with this app but there are lots of apps that can deliver the same good time without the dispute.

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If you are interested in a short video. You must know about the app Vine which was released in 2012 and kicked off by groups. After that twitter bought it officially and closed down in 2016 so, therefore, one of the founder of the vine made and released Byte and brought the short video platform for the users.                                

In TikTok users are allowed to make 15 seconds short video. While byte is based on the vine it is having 8 seconds super short video these two apps are similar but TikTok has excellent editing tools compare to byte. Byte is new and improving day by day and announced new features and it named as byte beats e.g. bitty audios which are impulsive adjusted to the video. 

Floating is a kind of timer which is help to adjust our position and to record video from far from the mobile and also we can add text in the video. In Byte we can record various types of videos which are containing horror, comedy, animation and public method.

[appbox googleplay co.byte]


Dubmash is founded by a German company in 2014. In this app, if you shoot a video then you can add various special effects, sounds and text. Dubmash is a most video-sharing app, it contains innumerable music clips and quotes from everywhere so you just have to find your favourite clip and start recording with lipsync if you want any other content you can also go for it you can also edit emojis, filters to make more beautiful and different kind of video it will get easily viral.

[appbox googleplay com.mobilemotion.dubsmash]


Triller is similar to Tiktok and Dubmash, the news feed will appear in your home page the people who you are following including huge collection of songs just because triller is having a partnership with music apps like Spotify you can use your favourite song which inspires you in your video.

Triller sets itself apart is that it offers simple video editing just press of the button. Triller’s extensive library or import a song from your own library, film a few takes or import your own video the amazing thing is Triller auto edits yours takes into a flawless video in seconds. After you are done with your video and you want to share your video. You can post it on Instagram and Facebook.

[appbox googleplay co.triller.droid]


The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. Instagram is a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos and videos. In 2018, there were more than 100 million active Instagram users in the US.

This figure is projected to surpass 111 million in 2019. Instagram is most popular with teens and young Millennials half of the users are between 18 to 29 years of old. Instagram is not just an ordinary app.

This app is having 60-sec video recording and huge different types of filters, stickers also various platforms to share your video and posts. Also, you can go live session if you are in something event or function, shows in that case you can show your followers where you are with live video and it will be saved.

If you want to post video longer than 60 sec so you can make IGTV video it is longer than 60 seconds. You can create your own video with your favourite content. it’s well worth considering as a video-sharing tool.

[appbox googleplay com.instagram.android]


The likee found by Jason Hu. Likee owned by Singapore-based BIGO Technology,  JOYY, a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ. It’s pretty popular and original video creation app.

Likee features magical Video editing tools with special effects, funny filters, beauty filters, filters with fireworks which is ideas come to life this is so easy to use. You can use stickers and text without too many efforts.

In Likee, every one of you can create trending videos with the tap of a finger and become a star creator in their social circles. You can even use a feature to make a blockbuster video in minutes or make an amazing music video quickly. Even you can post your videos in your social media platform like Instagram.