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Top 10 Tinypic Alternatives

Top 10 Tinypic Alternatives
Top 10 Tinypic Alternatives

Tinypic Alternatives 2022

Tinypic was a sharing platform for pictures and videos launched on 25th April, 2004. It was owned by Photobucket and was available in the English Language.

You were able to upload photos, videos and links but there were many issues. The photos or videos not related to your account deleted with in a week. But the photos or videos which were related to your account not deleted.

The income of Tinypic was started decreasing and it resulted to shut down on September, 2019 (previous year).

Tinypic Alternatives 2022

But as I always say, Why to worry about? I am here to give you the best alternatives to Tinypic which will amaze you and all these alternatives will have more and best features as compared to Tinypic.

So let’s get started…

1. Imgbox

Imgbox logo on Humbaa

Imgbox is one of the best site to upload and share pictures online. The best part is, You can even upload, store or share any size (large size) of images with no limit. There are so many people overall the world using this and they are superb happy with this site. In starting time, it didn’t has so many crowd but now it has millions of users.

As I said, You can upload large size images but only premium users have this benefit. Yes, this site has two accounts. One is for free and another one is a premium account. The premium account will give you platform options like twitter. facebook where you can share images directly and many other features are also available. But if you have no issue with small or medium size images to upload or you don’t need to share images directly into another social medias then you can enjoyingly use imgbox in free.

Visit – Imgbox.com

2. 500px.com

If you are searching for a fast sharing and hosting platform so you are in the right place. 500px provides you easy and best features which allow you to upload multiple images from the desktop at a time. You can share and upload images quickly with other people online. The best part is, it is totally free.

There are already many images which you can copy and paste for sharing. A search button is present which helps you to find your images quickly. You can also directly share the images to other platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. Thus, overall it is one of the best platform and alternative to Tinypic.

Visit – 500px.com

3. photos.google.com

Google Photos is another good platform to share, upload and store images to others. It has many great features and the main part is, you can share unlimited images with others in this site. You can also transfer your information and documents like music, images videos etc. Thus Google Photos is one of the good alternatives to Tinypic.

Visit – photos.google.com/

4. Tumblr

If you are in search to create a backup, sell Images or videos and share too, so this platform is just for you with its amazing features. Yes, You can sell the images online here. And the main part is, it gives you high-quality images. You can create image albums and also control your privacy.

Thus with all the great features, tumblr is one of the best alternative to Tinypic.

Visit tumblr.com

5. PostImage

PostImage on humbaa

Post images allow you to upload and share images quickly and in an easy way. All you need to do is, just log in first and then use this Amazing platform.

PostImage also allows you to upload your documents like pictures, videos, music etc. It is a good alternative to Tinypic.

Visit – PostImage.org

6. Image Hosting Biz

If you are searching for an alternative to Tinypic where you can upload photos whether you want and at any time so you are in right place. Image Hosting Biz provides you with many good features which will amaze you like you can upload photos and also share in any platform.

You have to sign up first to make your account and once it did, you will be able to upload photos and many other documents too.

Visit – ImageHosting.BIZ

7. 23 HQ

23 HQ provides you to share and upload photos anywhere you want. The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about its safety as this platform is totally safe.

You can upload over 1000 photos per month and it is totally free. To access all the features, first of all, you have to log in and after that, you will be able to use its amazing features. Thus, 23 HQ is one of the best alternatives to Tinypic.

Visit – 23hq.com

8. Phombo

Phombo is one of the good platforms for photo sharing, uploading and storing. It is also a good alternative to Tinypic. It allows you to upload many photos or images and one more good thing is, you can share your images to any platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. There are also many collections available like anime, life etc. This makes it more amazing to use. You can also upload documents here.

Visit – Phombo.com

9. PicturePush

PicturePush means pushing pictures or transferring pictures. Yes, you can transfer, upload, share, store pictures and videos by this amazing platform. You can also fix whom to show or not. There is a superb feature available i.e., you can resize, trimmed etc photos online. You will get options to whom you want to share your pictures and videos. With all it’s cool features, I add this to one of the best alternatives to Tinypic.

Visit – PicturePush.com

10. Flickr

Flickr is another best platform to share, store, upload photos. You can share, upload, store and find too. The main part is, it is totally free. You can download high-quality pictures.

All you need to do is, just create your account by email or phone number. After login, you will be all set to use all its amazing features.

Visit – flickr.com

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