Top 10 Email Deliverability Tools For Your Confident Email Outreach



Folderly improves email deliverability all-in-one.

This tool examines your domain and mailbox performance and health ratings, improves email authentication, does blacklist checks, and gives advice on how to repair and avoid email delivery-related difficulties.

Folderly lets you test your inbox placement to check where your emails fall (Inbox, Promotions, or Spam) and scan your cold email templates for spam trigger phrases.

Folderly provides an email warm-up tool to prepare your domain for the Inbox. It claims to make you a reputable email sender in 2 weeks.

Pricing Folderly

Folderly isn’t free. You may buy its parts individually (Email Warm-Up costs $49/month, while Email Deliverability Test costs $129/month) or buy a $200/month Cold Email Outreach package that includes all elements for increasing email deliverability.