Top 10 anime to get you started!

By | February 3, 2021

Best Anime For Beginners in 2021

in recent times we the editors at Humbaa have seen a number of the list saying these are the anime you need to watch before you die or top 10 anime you need to start right now, but to our disappointment, none of them measured up to our expectations and since you want to be called an otaku and don’t want to be the guy who has not heard of Rem and don’t want to be left out of discussions.

So !!! we sat down and have prepped a list of genre-wise editor’s picks just to help your initiation in the esculent world of anime. So, How To Start Watching Anime? Here we go!

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Ghibli films

ghibli collage
Ghibli Collage

Since everyone loves Hayao Miyazaki so much and all of his works are a critically acclaimed piece of art, not only do these films carry an astounding story which unravels slowly and wraps you up in emotions before you know it. These would include spirited away princess Mononoke howl’s moving castle My Neighbor Totoro.

Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood

FMA ensemble cast
FMA ensemble cast

It follows the story of two brothers who have lost so much to gain something out of strong innocence and desire. It’s a journey they take to take back the things they have lost and within this journey, they uncover secrets of the world. It’s an anime close to our hearts at Humbaa. It discusses a lot about different aspects of society be it moral, political, religious. So be sure to check it out.


gintama , kagura and others
Gintama, Kagura And Others

Although it is always mistaken for a pure comedy, underneath all that fabulous comedy lies stories which are so tear-jerking at time. It is a wholesome experience one that you should not miss. The cast is refreshing, the action sequences are thrilling. Gintama relies upon an amazing cast and the arcs are small so you don’t have to binge.

Code Geass

Flambouyant lelouch
Flambouyant lelouch

This one is a perfect roller coaster of emotions, in just a span of 2 seasons of 20 something episodes, it will hurl upon you exhilarating mecha fights, political coups, heartbreaks, and much much more. The characters are complex, you as an audience are just awestruck by the moral contortions that the characters have to go through and the opening is just simply majestic (While writing this, I am grooving just by thinking of it )

One piece

The Mugiwaras
The Mugiwaras

Oh! where should I start, the only thing one can have against this gem of an anime is its humongous world making and size. It is the pioneer in the shounen section and one of the Big 3.

This unfathomable anime is so huge that it’s mind-boggling at times. The ensemble cast and how they interact is just wonderful and yes the hype surrounding it is worth it. I could go and on for days if I had to talk about it but that’s for another day. So if you want a lick of adventure, friendship, and apocryphal places, go for it.

Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows spike spiegel (who is literally a space cowboy) going on wacky adventures to score bounty. This might be the most stylish anime on the list. It might have released in 1998 but it still brings the otakus to converse. It may be one of the few anime that can claim to have a better dub.

Attack on Titan

The Survey Corps in Season 4
The Survey Corps in Season 4

Some might call it the game of thrones of the anime industry. It is one of the most popular ones out there. Its last season is still airing as I write this so it is a great time to get caught up on this action-filled anime with a lot of political and societal complexities and an excellent world-building, before you know it you’ll be cheering for the team Levi.


The Adventure Party
The Adventure Party

Want to just lay back and just watch a light-hearted anime that does nothing other than make you smile and just appreciate the beauty that is life. Well well well, it does all of that and more. The cast is hilarious and idiotic, the world-building is amazing it may look like an Isekai parody but don’t be fooled this will be one of the most hilarious things you’ve watched ( or your sense of humor is just dead)

Your lie in April

Arima and Friends
Arima and Friends

This symphony follows Kousei Arima, a pianist prodigy who loses the ability to hear his own music due to trauma and how love and friendship help him rediscover his talent and teaches him how to live. You might be crying by the end of it but meh those tears are worth it. the music, the animation will swallow you whole and make you feel things and pluck few strings on your heart.



Best sports anime out there if not one of them, it is an accurate representation of volleyball while keeping it interesting without using anything over the top. if you love volleyball it is a must-watch the characters are really well written with their own idiosyncrasies.

Honorable mentions :

FAQ About What is the #1 anime? On #Humbaa

What is the #1 anime?

May depend on your taste, it cannot figure out you can refer to our articles at humbaa

What anime should I watch if I’m bored?

Go for the retro ones, they may lack in animation quality but makes up for it with a strong plot.

How do I start watching anime?

You will subscription to OTT platforms or websites like kissanime will do.

What is a good anime for 12 year olds?

Assassination classroom
One punch man

What is the best anime 2021?

Let the year pan out we at humbaa will have a list for that soon!

Can a 13 year old watch anime?

Sure! why can’t you? just look for the appropriate stuff

Is all anime bad?

Some are trash yes but mostly they are gem.

What are the top 10 best anime in the world?

Refer the above article

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