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Top 10 Group Video Call Apps

Top Best Alternatives to PUBG
Top Best Alternatives to PUBG

Group Video Call Apps

Every Family and friends do not live together all the time, they have to go to another place for jobs, holidays, study, for any kind of occasions etc. Thus, each and every time can not be spent with anyone or you can say, it is not possible to be with a person or your love ones in each and every time.

This world is growing up in search of technology, gadgets, occupations, profit, loss and many others and in this busy life, you can not always be in touch with anyone in reality.

But there is a way to connect with them, to see them, to live the beautiful moments with them and to spread smile together and this can be done by group video calls.

Group video call apps are not just for entertainment purpose but nowadays, it becomes our necessity and one of our quality time.

Now let’s talk about some aspects that show and gives the answer of, Why is Group video call app so important?

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Family :

Only few families are joint family but most of people do not live in joint family. And suppose you are living in joint family but still there are so many relatives there whom you miss alot, there are sonmany friends in your relatives, whom you don’t meet always and you miss them badly.

But by group video call apps, you can connect with them, you can talk with them and that will be your best time.

Living in a joint family or not, but still there so many members you miss to live with you always and whose job should be in some another place and they hardly get time to meet you all. But with using these apps you all can jointly talk together in a video call.

Friends :

Friends are the treasures of anyone’s life undoubtedly, from childhood to grown-up you find so many friends who are just close to heart. But when you become an adult and you have your own job in another state or country, you find some old friends are just losing due to different places.

You do not get time to meet them, to live the same memories that you all were living in your childhood. You miss them all badly but there is a way to still connect with them.

Yes no matter from how much distance you all are living, no matter how much workload that you all are carrying in day to day life but by group video call apps, you can connect with all them in your free time and trust me you will get the best experience and that will be your best, time of your day because talking with close ones will definitely make your day special and best. So you can live each and every day with freshness because your friends are there to share things with them.


No matter you are a student of any school or college, But every student have projects, assignments, exams etc and for all these things students need a group discussion with their friends.

Students can’t go every time to friend’s home and I’m asking you, what is the need to visit? Yes, you all can use group video call apps and you will be all set for discussion.

Trust me you will get a great experience here. You can discuss notes, questions, class lectures, projects, competitions and so many more.

The best part is, group video call app is not just for student to student, it is for all and for every kind of group work. Here you can have online classes with your teachers for any subjects.

This is so interesting that you can study with each and every student of your class in just your home only and this all become possible by group video call app only.

Online classes are possible by this apps only and this is very beneficial for all the students.


There are so many kinds of jobs that you all are doing and you know better to get any kind of a good job, first you have to clear the interview. This is a modern world so many online interviews are there that you have to clear. These apps provide you with the facility to give online interviews, training, meetings etc.

You can arrange or join conference meetings with many peoples of your office, You can arrange a discussion with many of your colleagues that will help in your work field and many others.


For any kind of business, first of all, you need people to know about the benefits that they will get in your product. You can make a banner and put your details on the internet etc.

But still, you need to explain people in your own words about your business so that they can attract and will purchase your product. By group video calls, you can explain each and every part of your business to your clients. You can fix the meeting date and can connect with them.

Putting the business details on the internet is the good thing, but to attract more people you can put a number there so that people can contact you and you will be able to share the group video call link to them to explain them there. It will attract more public towards your business and also increase the trust factor.

Facebook Page & Instagram Page

There are many kinds of pages available in Facebook and Instagram about some celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Kangana Ranaut etc; some hobbies like Cooking, Painting, Shayari, etc and many others.

You will get many audiences on your page. But all of them will be from overall the world so you meet with all of them personally. But you can connect with them via group video call apps.

Thus, this has been proved that group video call is so important today, Now you people should also know about many group video call apps names and its full details.

So let’s get started….

1. Google Duo

Google Duo – Source Youtube

Google Duo is one of the best video call app was initially released on 16th August 2016. It is developed by Google. Its suitable platforms are Android and iOS devices.

It has many features that will amaze you. So first of all let’s talk about, how does it work?

All you need to do is, first of all, install this app in your device. If you have an Android phone, so install from Google play store and if you have iOS device so just install it from Apple store. Then you can call anyone from your contact list. so simple na!


– Google Duo gives you High Definition quality for best experience.

– There is no need to change the setting for Wi-Fi and phone network as it is automatically set between these two.

– There is one best feature available that is “Knock Knock”, by this feature you can see the live scene of the user that you are calling or answering before call receiving.

You can create a group video call for more than 12 people at a time and there is no need to make an account to use this. Your phone number is your only identity for using this app. The “Knock Knock” feature is the best and famous part of this app.

Thus, Google Duo is simply one of the best group video call app and it works smoothly without any kind of irritation so you would love to use this app.

Download: Google Duo for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Zoom

Zoom Video Calling App

Zoom Video Communication which is the full name of zoom is a video calling app found by Eric Yuan in 21st April 2011. Its headquarters are in California and San Jose.

Its available platforms are Android, iOS, Mac, Pc, Web browsers and many others. The main part of zoom app is, You can connect more than 100 people at a time. Yes, you heard correct and this makes the app more amazing.

Connecting 100 people at a time means if you have to arrange a meeting for 500 people so you can complete in just 5 sessions. Thus, it saves your time and time is very important in today’s life. Just an awkward thing is, the time is limited to 40 minutes only and if your meeting is long so, you have to arrange at least two sessions to complete one single meeting. There is another way for unlimited video calling and i.e., by payment method.

Zoom is one of the best group video calling app which is downloaded by more than 100 million people in overall the world. Here you experience High Definition video quality. You can also record your meetings and there is another feature that allows you to share files during the video call.

Download: Zoom for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Skype

Skype Video Calling App

Skype is another one of the best video call and voice calling app which was initially released on 29th April 2003. It is developed by Skype Technologies. The available platforms are Android, iOS, HoloLens, Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, Linux and Xbox One.

You can connect more than 50 people at a time which is so good. By using this group video calling app, you can even do voice call and video calls too. There are also many features available which make it way more interesting i.e., You can share files, display screens and also allow subtitles to understand the different language.

It gives you High Definition Quality in video calling and you will have the best experience by using this app. There are also many features available like you can call to a landline or different devices but for this feature, you have to pay. Overall it is totally free to use but just to get some other benefits you have to choose the payment method.

Download: Skype for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook App on Humbaa

Facebook Messenger is a full package platform which provides you messaging, voice calls and video calls too. It was initially released in 9th August 2011 and developed by Facebook.

The available platforms are Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. It is available in 111 languages.

Facebook is the most used platform by everyone across the world. Here you can chat one to one and even you can create groups of many peoples. You can send emojis, reactions, comments, you can tag people and so many other features also available which are superb interesting.

You can make a video call with your close ones and enjoy. But there is not any kind of sharing available during video calls like sharing files or screens are not available.

Download: Facebook Messenger for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Whatsapp

Whats App Video Calling App

Whatsapp is a platform that everyone has in their phones. It is a cross messaging platform which provides you voice calls and video calls too. Its Operating Systems are Android, iOS, windows, KaiOS and macOS. It is owned by Facebook.

You can share files, images, locations, emojis, stickers and many more. You can even put status too. Location service is one of the best features of WhatsApp. Besides all these amazing features, you can do voice calls and group video calls top. Here you can arrange or create a video call for up to 50 people at a time. People can use Wi-Fi and cellular network too.

The good thing is, it is a contact-based application which allows users to use my contacts only. There is no need for any login or inviting process. You can easily video call to your numbers.

Download: Whatsapp for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Face Time

Face Time Video Calling App

Face time is another video calling app which is developed by Apple Company. It was released in 24th June 2010 for iOS device and in 24th February 2011 for Mac. The available platforms are iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Apple Watch and Mac.

You can video call to more than 30 people at a time. It gives you good quality but there is no features are available to share any kind of files, screens and record video. As I already said, it is for Apple and Mac users so Android and Windows users can not use this service.

Download: FaceTime for iOS (Free)

7. Bunch

Bunch on Humbaa

Bunch is another one of the good group video call apps. You can access this app by your contacts or by social media handles.

By using this app, you can play games with your loved ones like friends or family and video call with more than 7 people at a tike. You can create rooms of 5 to 8 people and then you can play with them together.

Download: Bunch for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Instagram


Instagram is one of the best platforms to share pictures or videos. It was initially released in 6th October 2010 which is created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It is owned by Facebook. The available platforms are Android, iOS, Fire zoS and Microsoft Windows. It is available in many languages as it is present worldwide.

Instagram is one of the stalking places for brands, products, celebrities, news, dogs and so many others. There are many peoples who use Instagram very much.

And if I talk about its video calling features, so it is one of the best platforms for this. It gives you good quality and full screen on video calling or chat.

You can create video call for more than 5 people at a time which is quite not so good but still, it is ok for a small group discussion. The main part is, you don’t have to send the link separately to anyone, you can send links to many people at a time.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Houseparty

House Party

Houseparty app is for video calling only and launched in 2016 by Life on Air. The available platforms are iOS, Android and macOS.

You can video call for one to one with your friends and also with the group too. Over 7 peoples can join together in a video call at a time. The best part is you can see which friends of yours are online and available to attain the call.

You can even play games while during a video call with your friends. It also allows your Facebook and Snap chat contacts to easily connect you to your friends.

Download: for House Party Android | iOS (Free)

10. Viber

Viber on Humbaa

Viber is one of the best platforms for messages, voice calls and video calls too. It is initially released in 2nd December 2010 and developed by Rakuten Viber. The available platforms are Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

This app is another full package application. You can chat, voice calls and video calls too. You can video call more than 15 people at a time. This app has amazing features. By this app, you can easily connect with your family and friends.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

Thank You!

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