Top Best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2020.

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites 2021

There are so many torrent sites available where you search for the torrent files. But maybe you never heard about torrent search engine before. And it is fact that there are many people who are here, who first time heard about torrent search engine when FBI nabbed the KAT. As torrent sites provide illegal contents and still many users active there to watch the latest blockbusters and movies thus, they call themselves as the torrent search engines where people be able to search their torrent files.

Disclaimer: This article is for the knowledgeable purpose only, never advocated to use the copyrighted content neither we support to download the copyright-protected content.

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In Short,

Torrent Search Engine does not host any torrent files by itself but it provides you with the different ways that will give you torrent files by reaching other torrent sites.

A question arises here, “Why will people search any torrent files from torrent search engines”?

Let’s go to it’s deep details to clear it out…

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Reasons For Using Torrent Search Engines

People have shifted their interest from cinema halls to torrent sites. The reason behind this change is, everyone wants to have things in just free of cost with all the benefits and advantages too.

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For example, Suppose you are craving for “Rosh Gulla” but you are thinking about wasting of money in it but suddenly some of your relative visit you’re home and for the gesture, they bought the delicious “Rosh Gulla” for you. OMG! you will feel like WOW!!!.

Do you know what will happen then? you will eat that gifted sweet instead of wasting money for it. This is how torrent sites work for you. Yes, you read correctly maybe it is an awkward example for comparing torrent sites with “Rosh Gulla” but think about it.

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Similarly when any most awaited movie release in theatres, you all went crazy to watch it but you may also think of its cost and suddenly you found any torrent sites where you can enjoy any blockbuster and movies in HD quality in just free of cost. This attracts you from the cinema hall to such pirated sites.


But Torrent sites like Tamilrockers, Jiorockers, etc. are banned in India including many other countries as these sites are impacting on the whole film industry. Piracy considers as a crime and authorities have decided punishments whoever use such sites or encourage piracy.

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Thus, we are providing you with the list of top 8 best torrent search engines where you can search for your torrent files and add it as your favourite list. And all these torrent search engines are working.

The best torrent search engine 2021

So, the top 8 torrent search engines are as follows:

1. AIO Search

2. Torrents. me

3. Torrentz2

4. Torrent Seeker

5. Solid Torrents

6. Xtorx

7. Toorgle

8. Snowfl







19. Mirror –

1. AIO Search

AIO search is one of the very demanding torrent search engine. It is very helpful to help you to find the torrent files by giving many options like you have many options of torrent sites where you can search for your torrent file. There is also options which is made just for torrents, images, videos etc. which help you to search for the particular file that you are waiting for.

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The best part is, you get many suggestions when you type any torrent name in the search bar option. AIO search works like browser and will let you know all the torrent sites from where you can search for your torrent files. It provides you the torrent sites with default interface.

You got option to log in from you google account or create new account as per your choice and there you can add you favourite list of torrents. Overall AIO Search which consider as a torrent search engine is very easy and simple to use.

Visit – AIO search

2. Torrents. me is a bit different from other torrent search engines. It also has many options to give you the best features to find your torrent files. The best part is, you get popular search and queries here and this helps you to know what trending is going on.

In the upper left side you will see the search bar where you can search for your torrents. Torrents. me don’t allow ads disturbances which is very relaxing and you get torrent sites into different categories to make it simple for search.

Visit –

3. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 has almost the same interface and the best thing is, it is available in onion version for those who wants to access for Tor. Are you getting this point? So this means you can access it anytime and there will be no downtime for this.

Do you guys hear about Torrentz? if yes, so you may also know that Torrentz has shut down now. So, Torrentz2 acts as it’s alternative.

You get a search bar where you can type your torrents name and you get many sites to help you to download the torrent file which you want to have.

Visit – Torrentz2

4. Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker help you to search your torrent files from more than 100 torrent sites. It uses Google customs and daily get updated with proxy sites, many torrent sites etc.

It has good features and easy options which help you to find your favourite torrents. You can search your torrents from many torrent sites and also you get an option to search according to the dates.

Visit – Torrent Seeker

5. Solid Torrents

Solid Torrents is the DHT torrent search engine and having a simple interface cleaner and this makes it very good torrent search engine.

You can create an account to add your favourite torrent lists and Solid Torrents give you more than 20 millions of torrents. All the torrents are available in categorized manner to make it more easy to find. You get many suggestions according to your search.

Visit – Solid Torrents

6. Xtorx

Xtorx is an another best torrent search engine which you guys are looking for.

You can search for your favorite torrents and the best part is, you get many suggestions also which is a quick process. It provides you many torrent sites URL and you can visit any of them in just one single tap.

Visit – Xtorx

7. Toorgle

Toorgle sounds like Google as it is inspired by it. It is an another best torrent search engine which you guys are looking for. It acts like browser and almost has same features like torrentz2.

It provides you more than 400 torrent sites. You can search for your torrent files and thus many torrent sites open to help you get that torrent file. You can also choose by dates. Toorgle is superb easy to access and simple to use.

Visit – Toorgle

8. Snowfl

Snowfl is also known as It provides you many torrent sites according to the queries asked by it’s users. It has amazing features and one different feature is the nigh mode which is very comfy for eyes. It also has a simple interface.

Onion link is present there and you just have to click on the blue links to download your torrent file. It has few ad popus which will be not so irritating so need to worry about it. It also consist many torrent downloaders like Pirate bay and many others in it’s one simple list.

These were the top 8 best torrent search engines which help you to find your favourite torrents. They do not host their own torrents but they provide you many torrent sites which helps you to find and download the torrent file which you want to download.

Visit – Snowfl


How can I download torrents while keeping safety?

You can download torrents with full safety by using a good VPN (Vertual Private Network). VPN helps you to block you IP address so that no one can track it.

It is illegal to download torrents?

Browsing torrent search engines is not an unlawful act. But downloading a torrent copyrighted content is like doing a wrong thing or going against to the authority. And this makes it illegal.

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