Tribit Quiet Plus Headphones No 1 review

We are using many headphones in our daily routine but these Tribit Bluetooth headphones give you a soothing experience while listening to the songs and watching movies. These Tribit Headphones come with a crystal clear sound with amazing built quality which is lightweight and comfortable on ears.
After research done by Humbaa Staff, we found that these Tribit Headphones really fulfil your needs and gives you satisfaction. So let’s get ahead; bravo!!!

Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones -
Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones –
  1. Individual Noise Cancelling Switch
  2. Surprisingly Rich Audio
  3. Crystal Clear Phone Calls
  4. Wireless & Wired Modes
  5. Amazing Battery Life
  6. Lighter & More Comfortable
  7. Stable Bluetooth Connection
  8. Foldable Design

Get Tribit Headphones –

Do you think Tribit headphones are the best to buy?

Tribit Quiet Plus Headphones review

In today’s time, you get lots of variety of Bluetooth headphones in the budget segment. As a customer, we need excellent sound quality as well as a well-structured ear-friendly gadget that provides both the aesthetic value and rugged design. (Tribit headphone Review )

Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 2 –

Like other brands, Tribit has also launched Bluetooth headphone with quit plus.

So let’s test this tribit quiet headphone Review, let’s see if it proves to be a good package with its price or not?

But before reviewing tribit quiet headphone 5.0, let’s take a look at its specification.

Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 6 –

Tribit Quiet Headphone Review Specification

BrandTribit Quiet
Bluetooth Version5.0
Supported PoductAPTX | AAC
RangeUp To 33 Meter
Battery Size3 hours last Long
ChargingMicro-USB Socket
Connector TypeBluetooth
Item Weight249 g
Product Dimensions17.8 x 8 x 18.8 cm
Item model numberBTH100
Additional FeaturesActive Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, Deep Bass
Headphones Form FactorOver Ear
Tribit Headphones Specification On

Founded by a collective of sound engineers and design maestros, Tribit has become one of the fastest-growing audio brands in North America. As a Wireless Audio brand, Tribit hits the highs on both smashing sound quality and stunning looks.

For us, the music never. ever. stops. We’re proud to offer audio equipment that provides a transcendent listening experience pushes the boundaries of bluetooth technology.

What  You Get 

Arrives With A Nice Package

Providing cover to storage your headphone 

3.5 mm Audio Cable to keep Your Music running when a battery is low.

an instruction guide for your references.

Micro USB Cable for charging the headphone

Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 3 –


Call quality is quite excellent, cvc 8.0 works quite well in normal workplaces and home but fails in an autorickshaw, it struggles to separate voice and noise and ends up reducing both, while you are able to clearly hear other parties they are barely able to hear you. The call quality is literally good for crystal clear calls, how I know? I recorded the call conversation and played back.

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Bluetooth connectivity: 

Connection speed is great, within a sec of turning on. But both devices should have Bluetooth 5.0. Distance is about 50 feet without obstacles like walls but a room or two indoors and a single wall before the connection struggles. Connects to two devices simultaneously, eg laptop and phone, if you are using with laptop and phone comes it shifts to a phone call and pauses what you were playing on the laptop. Once the call ends it moves back to the laptop. To swap stop on one Play on other normally.
The charging speed is good. Keep charging intermittently and you will never be without charge. Fast charging supported means initial 10 minutes are fast(0 to 40%), at 1 hr it’s 60%, 2 hrs 80%, 3 hrs 100%. But the box says to use 5 volts charger at 1 ampere. i.e. 5 watts so used that.

Wired Playback

Wired Playback is quite good if you have FLAC files, but it’s not Audiophile standard. Although the Audio Jack wire supplied is thin, but don’t think it’s useful unless your battery dies and you have no charging station. 10 minutes of charge gives a lot of time to the playback. Also, controls don’t work when it’s wired, and supplied wire doesn’t have a microphone. As soon as you plug it in using wire, it automatically shifts to wired play. ANC works while playing on wired mode, however, be careful as this feature has a drawback, the ANC doesn’t shut down when the headphone is powered down, it will drain the battery if you don’t shut ANC down manually every time.

Best Tribit Quiet Headphones with noise cancellation 

So I have been using these Tribit QuietPlus headphones and the experience is amazing.
Be it the sound quality and the noise cancellation feature everything is superb.

Let me sum up its features as Pros and Cons.

1. Sound quality is exceptional even when the sound volume is raised the music quality is maintained.
2. The packing and flexibility is one feature I like the most. It can be easily carried to gyms, parks, etc with folding the headphones and keeping it in the case provided.
3. The Bluetooth connectivity with the phone was fast.
4. Battery life is excellent…..I have fully charged it and it gave me around 20 hours of music playback.
5. Also, one unique feature I Found is the Type – C USB Cable for charging. ….That’s definitely a plus point.
6. Noise cancellation feature is an addon

I didn’t find any cons in the product.

Availability & Price

Friends, currently the market is off due to Carona, you cannot find Tribit headphone product Amazon. In / Amazon.US, if the market is operational in a few days, then we will tell you in this article. You can get Tribit Quiet Plus Headphones for the US $ 89.99. 


comfortable fit.They give a comfortable fit. The ear cans just fit around ears

They are impartially thin at 260g, about 30g lighter than the Taotronics, and apart from getting hot ears as before mentioned, are barely noticeable most of the time.Status LED lights red whilst charging

The status LED lights red whilst charging and turns blue when fully charged which took three hours from completely flat.USB-C charging

The headphones are charged via the most advanced USB-C port which is always nice to understand. You can use the supplied USB-A to USB-C cable but they’ll also charge with a dual ended USB-C cable which isn’t always the case.

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