What Is UHRS? UHRS Guide

How Does UHRS Work?

For many people who work from home, finding a reliable source of legitimate internet employment is a lifelong goal. Since UHRS was discovered, this has become a reality for certain people (the Universal Human Relevance System).

If it all seems very cryptic, don’t worry! What is UHRS? How can I join? How much money can I make? All of these questions and more are answered in this post.

What is UHRS?

Universal Human Relevance System is an abbreviation for this. It’s a web-based service for doing business online. You may work from the comfort of your own home and make money by doing simple (but monotonous) chores.

UHRS offers short tasks (called “Hits” or “HitApps”) for remote employees, most of which include classifying and checking the correctness of data found on the internet.

UHRS’s HitApps are primarily focused on optimising search engine results. These are jobs that can only be done by someone with a human’s trained eye.

Within the context of Search Engine Evaluation, which is the topic of this piece, all of these things may be understood.

Is UHRS Legit?

UHRS is a real service that’s run by a major player in the online world. When done properly, using UHRS may be a trustworthy means of generating income in the digital realm.

Regarding the UHRS and confidentiality

It is accurate to claim that the UHRS operates with a certain degree of discretion and privacy. This is due to the platform’s stringent standards for maintaining user confidentiality.

Employees of UHRS are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which stipulates that they must refrain from disclosing any information on the platform’s inner workings.

Due to the fact that we at Humbaa.com take these guidelines very seriously, we are unable to go into an excessive amount of detail here and have refrained from posting any screenshots. 

It’s safe to say that a handful of other websites have lately created UHRS guidelines that seem to have revealed a lot more information than is authorised!

Having said all of this, the primary homepage for the UHRS is something that can be readily located on Google. In comparison to its predecessor, it divulges a greater amount of information. For a long number of years, all that was available to see was a mystery UHRS login page.

What Information IS Public?

UHRS is said to be “a crowdsourcing platform that facilitates data labelling for different AI application scenarios” on the primary website for the organisation. It calls the people who work with UHRS “judges” and says they can “label (data) at scale.”

After that, the website goes on to give various examples, such as annotating data for search relevancy, determining the relevance of search results, trancribing voice, and annotating video and picture data to assist in machine learning.

If you can’t deduce it from the typefaces alone, there is another significant piece of information that may be gleaned from this publicly accessible webpage. If you go to the UHRS website and look for the buttons labelled “Privacy” and “Terms of Use,” you will find that Microsoft is associated with the service.

The UHRS Discussion Thread on Reddit

You may find a very lively UHRS Reddit thread here if you’re curious about what’s happening on UHRS.

Strictly speaking, any UHRS employee who contributes to the Reddit discussion about the platform is in violation of the UHRS terms of service. Reddit is a popular website, but it would be difficult to connect its members to their UHRS profiles due to the site’s emphasis on user anonymity.

Since this is the case, the UHRS Reddit community is a great resource for anybody interested in working with the system. The constant availability of microwork on UHRS may be inferred from the subreddit’s high activity level.

Every UHRS employee who participates in the discussion of the platform on the Reddit post is technically in violation of the terms and conditions imposed by UHRS. On the other hand, given that Reddit is a site that allows users to maintain a certain level of anonymity, it is very doubtful that they will be able to connect the individuals to their UHRS accounts.

As a result of this, the UHRS Reddit community is an excellent place to go to if you are interested in learning more about working on the platform. The fact that the subreddit sees such a high volume of activity is another evidence that UHRS maintains a steady supply of microwork opportunities.

How Do You Gain Access To UHRS?

A micro-working platform known as ClickWorker provides what is likely to be the least complicated path to get access to UHRS. That was the “way in” that we used when we tested out UHRS on our own, and as of the time this article was written, UHRS work was still accessible on the platform.

There are also a few additional home working sites, such as the ones listed below, which are said to occasionally associate with UHRS.


According to Clickworker, if you sign up with several vendors at the same time, your UHRS access might be permanently suspended, along with any and all vendor accounts that are related with you.

Please be aware that Clickworker is the only platform that we have evaluated specifically for this objective, and as a consequence, we strongly suggest that you make use of it. Because this is another essential need, the only way for you to join UHRS is via a single platform.

As a consequence of this, our top piece of guidance is for you to jump at the opportunity to get set up on UHRS once it presents itself. This is the advise that comes in first place on our list.

It is also essential to bear in mind that the demand for workers on UHRS may change, and that workers may be accessible (or not available) on a variety of platforms, in a variety of countries, and at varying hours. This is something that should be kept in mind at all times.

How to get onto UHRS Via ClickWorker?

You will be able to submit an application for UHRS when you have first created an account on ClickWorker. You will need to demonstrate that you can successfully complete an easy test in order to be considered for employment opportunities on the platform. In addition to this, you will have to go through the steps of creating accounts for the system.

It is important to note that there is nothing you need to do that necessitates any previous expertise or specialised talents; yet, it is essential to follow the instructions in their entirety, or else you could discover that a simple error prevents you from getting access.

After you have been granted access, you will need to complete more evaluations inside UHRS in order to be granted access to the various jobs (HitApps) that are accessible.

The procedure consists mostly of the following steps:

Come work at ClickWorker.
Carry out the UHRS evaluations via the ClickWorker platform.
Make sure you have an account with the UHRS.
Finish the required training and drills for each UHRS “HitApp” (High-Reliability Application).
You may earn by doing as many chores as you want, provided that they are still accessible.

I am unable to offer a specific example of any of the available positions since doing so would be a violation of the rigorous regulations regarding the confidentiality of the information.

On the other hand, it is possible to extrapolate from the information that is freely accessible to the public that the jobs in question are of the type that are frequently found on other microworking platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk.

This conclusion can be reached by taking into account the fact that it is possible to gain access to the information. It’s feasible, for instance, that you’ll be organising the pictures found on websites into a variety of categories.

U.S. Human Rights System: Currently Available (Most recently updated in September 2022)
On a regular basis, we check to see whether UHRS research is broadly accessible.

In September of 2022, users of Clickworker may access UHRS tasks. New UHRS employees may be allowed to take an exam, although it wasn’t clear whether they could.

Current Availability according to UHRS (Most recent revision: September 2022)
On a regular basis, we look into whether or not the UHRS work can be accessed by a large audience.

When signed onto Clickworker in September 2022, there were UHRS jobs that were accessible to be completed. On the other hand, it was not quite obvious whether or not evaluations for newly hired UHRS employees were accessible.

ClickWorker may, on occasion, send out emails such as the one that is seen above, which was sent to us by one of our readers. This UHRS guide will be brought up to date as soon as we come across another one.

It cannot be emphasised enough that there will come a moment when the doors will be closed. In addition to this, it’s possible that they won’t launch in every country at the same time.

How Much Work is Available?

A reader sent us an example of one of the periodic emails sent out by ClickWorker. If we learn of a new UHRS reference, we will add it to this post.

It must be emphasised that there are periodic door closures. They also may not necessarily debut simultaneously in all regions.

How Much Can You Earn on UHRS?

UHRS has the potential to be a rich source of straightforward online employment that offers reasonable compensation.

When there is work available on the platform, it is possible to make a solid $10 per hour or more carrying out easy tasks, the majority of which involve validating information on websites and search engines.

When there is no work available on the platform, it is not possible to earn any money.

Using UHRS from Abroad

The Clickworker support team has a very clear stance on the question of utilising UHRS while travelling, emphasising unequivocally that the software should never leave the nation in which it was registered.

As a result, resist the temptation to use it when you are away from home. It is dangerous to use a virtual private network (VPN) in an effort to get around these limitations since you run the risk of losing access to the site.

It is possible for you to use Clickworker while you are travelling outside the country; however, there are a few restrictions associated with this practise; for more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of Clickworker’s website. However, if you use UHRS, you run the risk of having your account terminated.

Help and Support

The use of UHRS may be hindered by problems such as technical snafus at times, which prevents you from accomplishing duties as intended. When a problem of this kind keeps you from moving forward and earning money, it has the potential to be incredibly frustrating.

To begin, it is highly recommended that you make use of the “Report a technical problemtool that is included inside the “marketplace” user interface. If you want to keep making money while this problem is being fixed, you may have to switch to working on something else in the meanwhile.

It is also important to note that ClickWorker may, on occasion, assist with difficulties. This is particularly true in cases when users are unable to access the system through the homepage of ClickWorker.

In our experience, ClickWorker reacts swiftly (within a day) to these concerns and is able to assist with problems like getting into the system and not seeing any open tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions UHRS

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that may be found on the Clickworker website is a valuable source of more information on UHRS.

An Important UHRS Rule

Because UHRS has extremely stringent policies on privacy, you should make sure that you do not share any screenshots of the work that you complete. It was requested that we delete any screenshots that were included in this post.

Keeping your Account Live

Accounts in the UHRS that have been inactive for an extended period of time are deleted. Even if you have a lot of other work to do at the same time, it is important to check in on a regular basis and perform a few chores in order to prevent this situation. This assures that you will continue to have access to UHRS in the event that you need some more financial support in the future.

Alternatives to UHRS

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which provides work that is similar to that of UHRS, is the service that comes closest to becoming a suitable replacement. A comprehensive analysis of it may be found in this section.
A similar problem affects Mechanical Turk (also known as MTurk), which is that applications from specific countries are sometimes denied. As a result, it is in your best interest to prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunity, whenever it may present itself, to gain access to these platforms.

Conclusion About UHRS

Because of the confidentiality rules, we are unable to go into nearly as much depth as we normally do regarding the many home working options while writing about UHRS. This makes writing about UHRS a peculiar topic to discuss.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement prevents us from providing more in-depth guidance on how to use the platform as well as sharing specifics on particular HitApps, despite the fact that we would dearly want to.

Nevertheless, there is nothing stopping us from making a broad proposal, which is as follows:

Working on UHRS is not a very glamorous job. It is possible to become repetitious, and the company is not forgiving if you make a mistake. This is typical of professions that involve microwork. Having a few “money taps” that you can turn to is, on the other hand, never a bad idea. By cultivating a reputation on UHRS, you will always have something to which you can go in order to bring in a little more dollars, and who wouldn’t want that?