USCC call center charge on credit card

By | December 28, 2021
USCC call center charge on credit card

We got an inquiry from a USCC customer who saw a charge on their credit card bill that they didn’t recognize. After checking it out with an online search, she found that the order was for USCC Call Center, 888-944-9400 in Chicago, IL.

What is uscc call center chicago Il?

This is a scam, and we have informed the credit card company.

I CAREFULLY REVIEWED ALL CHARGES when I received this month’s credit card bill. I saw a charge that I didn’t recognize.

Beware of credit card scams

While you’re spending every dollar on things you need or want, take some time to check your credit card charges.

You know Fraudsters are always looking for new opportunities to use your information for ill-gotten gains.

Our tip of the day helps prevent a potential scam a company calling, claiming you’ve won a prize, but for that, you have to pay money to claim it.

If you’re like most people, your credit card statement is one of your last bills of the month. Checking in at the end of each month can be daunting.

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