1. Early Career at Goldman Sachs: Mira Murati initiated her professional journey as an intern at Goldman Sachs in 2011, marking the starting point of her career in the corporate world.

3. Senior Product Manager at Tesla: Murati spent three years at Tesla, where she held the position of Senior Product Manager for Model X, showcasing her expertise in product management within the electric vehicle sector.

5.  Joining OpenAI in 2018: In 2018, Mira Murati joined OpenAI, a renowned artificial intelligence research laboratory, marking a significant step in her career towards the forefront of AI development.

6. Rise to CTO at OpenAI: Over the years at OpenAI, Murati ascended to the position of Chief Technology Officer, playing a pivotal role in steering the company's projects, including ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Codex.

7. Multifaceted Leadership Role: As CTO, Murati not only led the technological aspects but also took charge of OpenAI's research, product, and safety teams, showcasing her comprehensive leadership skills.

8. Interim CEO at OpenAI (November 17, 2023): On November 17, 2023, Mira Murati assumed the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer at OpenAI, stepping in following the sudden removal of Sam Altman.

9. Advocacy for AI Regulation: Murati is a vocal advocate for the regulation of artificial intelligence, emphasizing the need for governments to play a more significant role in establishing basic safety standards for the deployment of AI models.

10. Commitment to Basic Safety Standards: Murati's stance on AI regulation reflects her belief in the importance of aligning on fundamental safety standards to ensure responsible and ethical development and deployment of AI technologies.