Tenta Private VPN Browser Tenta is a mobile-based browser having a highly secure approach. This browser comes with an in-built VPN, which can be used for free, however, with some limitations. Its paid version lets you unlock locations and it can be used widely across your device, instead of just using it with the browser.

Aloha Browser Aloha is another choice for an incredible built-in VPN browser that features a hidden IP address to avoid tracking, unlimited traffic, DNS leak prevention, and no activity log keeping. This browser has more than 10 VPN servers located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America

Tor Browser Tor Browser is not exactly a VPN service provider however, it has an objectivity that lets you use the VPN. Tor uses a unique way to protect your identity, it routes traffic using an open-source Tor network via a multi-layered encryption approach.

Epic Privacy Browser Epic Privacy Browser needs to be downloaded as an extension to use its built-in VPN. This VPN lets you choose a proxy server established in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Germany, and France while offering endless bandwidth.

Cake Web Browser Cake Web Browser comes with all the features you may need! It includes no tracking feature, password protection, free unlimited VPN service, and private tab time bomb.