BTW in English, BTW In Hindi

English is a vast language, we use many words in our day to day life, recently there is a trend started on the popular video-sharing social media platforms Tiktok, “Sheesh“. So, you can read here What does sheesh mean too.

BTW, you can see these acronyms on various platforms. So, what is btw? how to use BTW in the English language? here we go:

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“By The Way”

The full form of BTW is “By the way”. BTW generally used while texting someone, if you forgot something and suddenly you remind that thing, then you can use this BTW.

If you want to change the subject of the conversation or want to ask something, then you can use BTW or By the way.

BTW is very popular acronyms, as using of by the way is very common.

There are three ways to write BTW during messaging. As in the early 2000’s people using like B.T.W but later BTW or btw is very popular now.

Where does BTW come from?

As it came during the 1990s when it commonly used in popular forums.

How to use BTW?

  • “BTW” please start building the Android app today.
  • Hey honey, I am at the supermarket, BTW will you please tell me your favourite ice cream flavour?
  • “BTW, are you free today, Netflix?
  • btw, where are your kids? it’s kinda silence.

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