What Does “HODL” Mean?

By | August 31, 2021
What Does “HODL” Mean?

What Does “HODL” Mean In the United States Of America?

The meaning of “HODL” is Hold on for dear life. It is mainly related to cryptocurrency and finance.

HODL is popular on social media, you might listen “HODLING” to HODL or NOT to HODL. It’s not a spelling mistake. It is a popular word in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Like in the traditional share market, we see the volatility of stocks. For example, if we buy GOOGL share in 100 quantities, at the price of 2,841.58 USD per share and on the same day the price fall to 2,784 USD then we face losses.

Like this, in the world of bitcoin, if I bought bitcoin, as a 100 quantity, and due to the volatility in the market, I get confused, either I want to sell the bitcoin or hold.

So, in this nervousness, I start selling the bitcoins (but there are chances of increasing the bitcoin prices), but the experienced trader tells me, that dude, please HODL, and relax. It means that, according to the experienced trader, the price will go up for the bitcoin and I will get the profit.

As HODL is an acronym for “Hold on for dear life

What is the origin of HODL?

The term “HOLD” is used for a long time in the traditional stock market, instead of selling the stocks due to volatility, HOLD term is used in the stock market.

The term HODL was first used in 2013 on a forum called Bitcointalk. In that year Chinese government decision, the price of bitcoin falls dramatically down. In that pressure, one member of that group posted “I AM HODLING” after that, thousands of memes were created after that incident and the term HODL get the place in the cryptocurrancies.

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what does hodl mean

What does HODL stand for?

The full form of HODL is Hold For Dear Life.

What the heck is HODL?

The HODL is mainly used in cryptocurrency. Due to the negative news in the market, customers get panic and due to this, he starts selling their bitcoin.
But the experienced trader, tell the new people, to hold instead of Selling the coins. It means they use “HODL

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