What does is ISTG?

What does ISTG mean?

The full form of ‘ISTG‘ is ‘I Swear To God’ probably used in internet chatting and text messaging.

ISTG it’s like people mess up the word’s on purpose, just to seem cool. It very well may be utilized to pass on terrible reality, irritation, or shock. I swear to god is equal to ISTG In a text, the person would be mad or the person could be making some sort of a promise.

How ISTG discover

‘I swear to god’ has been used for hundreds of years and it’s taken from the old English word ‘swear’  which means an oath, the ISTG translate to an oath or promise to god, which is not to be taken lightly for fear that the person saying it would go to hell if they are lying the word was carried over to chatting and texting when they grow in popularity and shortlisted to ISTG for convenience.

The essential characteristic of ISTG

However, there are currently no other known meaning of the ‘ISTG’. So, whenever you search answer will be ‘I swear to god‘.

To connected surely when the lookout on with dubiousness, you don’t believe on somebody and they telling the truth, still, you don’t, so they have to satisfy you and start to convince you to listen to the truth. With the using ISTG.                                            

ISTG used in a discussion for suitable, then you will know about how to use it in distinct ways of conversation, and you will find some proposition regarding unusual ways you can say “istg” and still transfer the same meaning.

Examples of How ISTG Is Used?

~I swear to god I’m not drunk.

~Sometimes I close my eyes, I swear to god I can’t see.

~ I had my patience, I swear to god, I’m negative.

~ I may not be your cup of tea, but I swear to god, I’m totally your 10th shot of tequila.

~ Mom I swear to god, I just saw one of those scary ugly back, clowns on the Street.

~ Spelling it out, I swear to god.

~ ISTG if you tell her, I’ll never talk to you again.

~ I swear to god, I didn’t do on purpose.

~ people scared to like you publicly for the sake of their friends not liking them ISTG.

~ ISTG I’m proud of assisting corrupted people.

~ I swear to god, like damn, take a couple of days being sober once.

~ If you smoke everyday , ISTG you give me crackhead vibes.

~ I swear to god, I don’t and ever did.

~ If you say, dark I’ll unfollow you right now.

~ girls never hungry,I swear to god, till they see you smashing.

~ ISTG their chemistry level is unmatched.

~ One call can get you touched, I swear to god.

~ You had me but, you lost me, ISTG, I’m not mad, I’m exhausted.

~ Pain only fed my hungry, I swear to god.

~ People tell themselves, ISTG, all you gotta is to pay attention.

~ I’m doing all my best around, ISTG.

~ Don’t tell me, I swear to god, it’s not that deep.

~ Ima the elephant, ISTG.

~ People are funny as , ISTG.

~ I swear to god, when I’m at my worst, nobody knows me.

~ I swear to god, I don’t believe, my boyfriend is gogo.

~ I’m sick of beefy, ISTG.

~ We had fun, I swear to god.

~ Every night I go to sleep, I pray I wake up, like a bird I swear to god.

~Everybody had and 2 and 10 seatbelts ahead, I swear to god.

~ I m that trash, for rest of my life. ISTG.

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