How to Use OP? The Meaning of ‘OP’ in Online Conversation

By | January 3, 2021
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Who is this OP everyone’s talking about?

Nowadays, while using social media or surfing through the internet or using YouTube, you might have observed that a lot of abbreviations are being used. One of them is ‘OP’. You must have seen this on the thumbnails of many YouTube videos.

What does OP stand for ?

what is mean by op
Whats is op

Here it depends on where you have encountered with ‘OP’. For example; if you have seen ‘OP’ while playing games, it means ‘overpowered’, if you have seen ‘OP‘ in the educational system then it refers to ‘overall position’,  moreover if you have seen someone using it in business terms, then it may refer to ‘operating profit’ or ‘office personnel’ etc. 

But here, the one we are talking about is mostly used on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. which stands for ‘original poster’.

Original poster is the person who started a discussion or a trend, and without taking his or her name, you can refer to them as ‘OP’ and get involved into the discussion or the trend.

Is there any grammar for abbreviations which are used in informal text messages?

1. While chatting, you can use all capital letters like in ‘ASAP’, but capitalisation is generally avoided as it also catches attention which may signify for shouting in chatting. Though it can be used if you want to point out something.

2. You are free to use punctuations in text messages, but when it comes to abbreviations, punctuations are generally neglected. Like in ‘KIS;S’ which stands for ‘keep it simple, stupid’, but you can still use ‘KISS’ as an alternative form, both forms are acceptable with or without punctuation.

3. From the given, I.D.K and IDK, what will you prefer when you’re texting? Obviously IDK; as it saves time while typing. So you are not supposed to use periods in abbreviations.

When and why to use abbreviations in texting?

 ● Use abbreviations when you are chatting informally and when the person is well known to you.

● Use abbreviations to avoid longer messages, to speed up typing, to save time while typing.

● Don’t use abbreviations when you are being professional or you are talking over messages with a person who is new to you or say you’re testing for the first time.