What Does “Post this on IG Reels” Mean on TikTok?

What Does Post this on IG Reels Mean on TikTok
What Does Post this on IG Reels Mean on TikTok

If you’ve been using TikTok lately, you may have seen a “Post this on IG Reels” remark.

The statement is often seen in videos featuring the TikTok creator’s face.

IG Reels are short films similar to those seen on TikTok.

But what does this enigmatic message on TikTok signify, and why are others commenting on it?

This article will teach you how to publish this on IG Reels, what it means on TikTok, what a lil bro meme is, and why people remark on it.

Post this on IG Reels meme

This post on IG Reels isn’t a meme, but rather a funny or nasty remark on TikTok video.

Some TikTok makers deserve the negative comments beneath their videos because they spread hatred.

@ellasuecook uploaded a viral video mocking those who do bodybuilder postures.

The video received more than 5 million views, 1 million likes, and 25,000 comments.

Comments on her videos included “Please post this on IG Reels” and “Post this on Instagram big bro”.

Post this on IG. Reels is a humorous or negative statement (or both), depending on the context of the TikTok video.

In a nutshell, the remark begs the artist to put the video on Instagram Reels rather than TikTok.

Because Instagram Reels’ comment section is not as moderated as TikTok’s comment section.

The social media platform Tiktok features a “Filter spam and offensive comments” filter that is turned on by default.

The filter hides recent offensive or spam comments until you approve them.

Instagram also offers a “Hide comments” filter, but it is less successful than TikTok’s, therefore comments are more unsuitable there.

As a result, when a TikTok maker shares a video on Instagram Reels, people are more inclined to leave crazy comments.

Furthermore, Instagram users are more hostile in their comments than TikTok members.

So when people say “Post this on IG Reels” on TikTok, they want the TikTok creator to get a flood of wild comments on Instagram.