What does shawty mean?

By | August 13, 2020

What is Shawty stands for?

There are lots of slang we started using after the arrival of hip hop culture. Few words( like shawty) are petrifying because we could not sense the humour of the particular word. Until we don’t come across, what’s going on in that particular situation basically I am talking about on those words are used in positive and negative both ways and we only differentiate them after knowing the scenario. One word such as “Shawty”.

First of all, it sounds like “shorty” and yes it’s a synonym of shorty but, after when I listen to this slang from a different person with different meanings so I thought I must know more about this “Shawty” word.

Someone use this word for my BFF (i.e Best Freind Forever) and lead me to conquer this shawty(she was bullied because of her height and same day her bf called her shawty which was too confusing for me.

Lets more clarify it through few synonyms on shawty; little person, toddler, shorty, titch, pipsqueak, Shortie, Dwarf etc. if we look for women preference then we can use Shorty, Cougher, diva, homemaker councilwoman, slattern, temptress, bachelorette etc.

What does Shawty mean?

Shawty, shorty, or shortie is an American slang used as a term of endearment for an attractive woman or a girlfriend, that was particularly popular in hip hop from the 2000s. Its a derivative of Shorty.

The word shawty is a slang word came from the shorty, which is used to refer to a young, attractive woman, but also more generally to refer to somebody who is short and/or young. Here’s a list of synonyms for a shorty.

What is the difference between Shorty and Shawty?

Shawty” is a bounce or Southern transliteration of “Shorty,” Southern speakers often pronounce it shawty or shawty while those on the East Coast often pronounce it shorty.

The singer started using slang in songs to express their feeling for a shorty in the ’90s, prefer more for hip hop

Why Shawty sounds negative also?

Like any other common words there, few more meaning of one word, in both ways positive and negative. Lots of people use these words to bully someone or making fun of someone by making a few rhymes like,

Easy peasy, Lemon squeezy.

So you can see, its use for insulting also and for hurting someone’s feeling. Also if we take a look it was originated with the purpose of insulting someone and now its direction bend towards praising a beautiful and cute girl or a woman.

The appearance of Shawty in songs? By whom?

Shawty” is a song by rapper Plies featuring singer-songwriter T-Pain. Released in June 2007, so by the evolution in this word took place and now we are using it in regular life. Shawty song must listen.

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