What is INB4?What Does INB4 Mean?

By | August 18, 2020

How to use INB4 in daily life.

INB4 is an acronym. It stands for “In before”. This acronym is mainly used in online conversations like messaging and posts.

A person mainly use this acronym INB4 to give a reply to a message or topic. You can hardly find this acronym anywhere as It is a part of online conversation.  This is a popular keyword followed by a word, short phrase, comment or sentence but only people who are active in topics like gaming, computer and information technology can understand this acronym. 

“INB4” Uses In Social Media

You all are connected to social media because social media is a big platform which connect us from different places throughout the world, so no one forget to read social feeds of popular accounts. Here are some examples to know the acronym “INB4” more better.

A popular user posted something and every one started commenting over there, and it becomes a trend but a person want to be that first to comment before another user comment an obvious response. So he simply comment INB4 with adding some word or short phrase. 

Here are some more examples..

Example of “INB4” 

There is a conversation between Deepak and Aryan about the last match which their friends played in some gaming app

Deepak– Dushant would beat Mayank After One more goal.

AryanINB4 MS.

Deepak– You know Dushant has MS so Aryan doesn’t has a chance to win.

Here INB4 MS means In before more seconds. 

Where Do We Use INB4?

Mostly this acronym use in 4chan, gaming topics,  youtube and message boards.

This means,  this acronym can not be known by all people. Only people who is active in geeky topics like gaming and computer can understand INB4. This simply explains that if you send message with this acronym to any of those people like a bride, health enthusiasm etc so they will not understand it.

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