What is mean by GG?

What is GG? How to use it?

If you are thinking that what is mean by GG and where we can use it, Why do gamers say GG? then you are at right place. Game lovers always use GG term during playing video games.

“Good Game”

GG” stands for “GOOD GAME“. When you finish playing the video game; to inform other players that, you are not playing the game now. It doesn’t matter that you are a winner or loser in that game. Just Use “GG” or “Good Game”

The term “GG“; it is usually used in the multiplayer games. GG is a very popular term it’s just like a handshake, Namaste or a hug in during the live game or at the end of the game. GG is an example of a “Good Sportsmanship“. This also applies in the Video Games too. It is also considered as a digital handshake.

Some times the inclusion of the WP at the end GG i.e GGWW is known as GOOD GAME WELL PLAYED.

Using of GG in the ’90s; is the part of the online games; especially the multiplayer games. The term used in Starcraft is considered and took off to a whole new level. In some countries like Korea saying GG is compulsory after the end of the Game.

But the coin has another side too using the term “GG” before the match is a Bad Manner. It shows Disrespect and sign of rudity.

GGWP and Other Variations

Pressing “GG” on your keyboard is considered as a sign of Surrender. “GG NO RE” is also used in the game. The full form of GGNORE is Good Game No Rematch. With the implication being “You are worth my time”. This is in contrast to GLHF, which means “good luck, have fun,” which is said at the beginning of the match instead of at the end.

Most Popular version of GG is “GGEZ”

The common variation of GGEZ is – EZ Game, EZ LIFE and IZI PIZI. GGEZ meaning “Good Game Easy”

GGEZ is also a popular term in the gaming world. Either you won the game or lose. Using of GGEZ shows manner. As the dialogue from the Kingsman “Manners Makes a Man Perfect”

These are some of the qualities of a Good Sportsmanship as a Player

Play fair. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many men will cheat or play dirty to win.

  • Be a team player.
  • Stay positive
  • Keep trash talk to a minimum.
  • Good sportsmanship builds teamwork, character, and teaches respect, honour, discipline, kindness, inclusion, resilience, perseverance, and more.

Using GG In Real Life – Practically

In the offline world, GG is used in the form of Handshake before and after the game starts. As from tennies to cricket, all used to shake hands.

Shaking hands after the match is considered a symbol of good sportsmanship.

What is mean by GG?
Shaking hands before or after the tennis match.

Young Players line up and high-five after a game to practice good sportsmanship. these are the smaller steps we can use as a teacher or parent to make our children’s a Complete Person.

What is mean by GG?
Young player 🙂

A moment of sportsmanship when a sportsman fell or got an injury then as per rule of thumb we have to help him. That is the spirit and great quality of a sportsman.

What is mean by GG?
Helping the opponents

How to Use GG?

If you are playing online games either it is on mobile or on PC; using GG is a polite and gentelman’s way to quite the game.
Here are some of the great ways to say GG 🙂

oh wow what a great match dude. GG
Fantabulous. GG
Great, Atlantic.GG
The presence of Mind. GG
What a Match. GG.

GGWP, bravo well played.

I forgot to complet the office work. GG my Boss gonaa furious.

I managed to find the address without using the Bing maps.

What is Discord GG?

As online gamers know the term discord. From PUBG to Free fire all they are using the Discord.

“Discord.gg is the URL given to custom invite links to Discord servers. This is a safe link, so feel free to click on it and join your new server!”

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