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What is mean by liveware

What is mean by liveware

Liveware meaning

Live!Ware is the official name of a software product that was developed by Creative.

The Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Live! sound cards are both compatible with the Live!Ware software, which adds a variety of new functionality to the Sound Blaster sound card.

In contrast to the categories of hardware and software found in a computer, the human system is referred to as liveware.

What is firmware and liveware?

Firmware is a kind of software that is designed to operate on extremely tiny processors and ensures that a piece of hardware performs as intended.

Firmware is either not updated very often or not updated at all, and the controls you use to interface with it are often hardware controls (buttons, lights, and switches), rather than computer controllers (mouse, keyboard, screen).

Firmware is often used to provide modest but helpful behaviors for a larger piece of hardware. For instance, the WiFi radio in your computer includes firmware that enables it to send radio signal information in a format that is usable for the main CPU in your computer.

There’s firmware in everything from wristwatches and calculators to computer mice to key fobs for cars.

People who make a computer system operate behind the scenes are referred to as liveware. This is often done to complete a relatively simple yet complicated job that a machine is unable to undertake.

You won’t frequently be aware of it. For instance, the speech recognition engine that Google uses is mostly automated; but, the company employs hundreds of humans to review phrases that the machine couldn’t grasp in order to improve the software’s ability to comprehend the sentence.

Alternately, the automated address reading equipment at the post office may need the assistance of a person to read addresses that they are unable to read automatically.

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