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What is surveying? State its objects and uses 2. Distinguish between Geodetic and plain surveying

  1. Surveying is the process of measuring and mapping the land, including its natural and man-made features. The main objects of surveying are to determine the precise location, shape, and size of a piece of land or a structure, as well as to determine the relationship between different points on the land or structure.

There are several uses for surveying, including:

  • Land development and planning: Surveying is used to determine the boundaries of a piece of land and to create maps that show the location and layout of roads, buildings, and other structures.
  • Construction: Surveying is used to create detailed plans and drawings for the construction of buildings, roads, and other structures, and to ensure that these structures are built to the correct dimensions and specifications.
  • Land management: Surveying is used to measure and map the natural features of a piece of land, such as the contours of the land and the location of natural resources, in order to manage and protect these resources.
  • Military and defense: Surveying is used to create maps and other types of data that are used for military and defense purposes, such as mapping terrain, locating military bases, and tracking the movement of troops and equipment.
  1. Geodetic surveying and plain surveying are two different types of surveying

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