TTY-Could you here me?

What is TTY? A teletypewriter is a special device which is design for people who are deaf, find difficulties while talking, speech-impaired, not able to recognize the words while listening to the other side of the telephone.

This device helps them to communicate and also makes their life easier and self-dependent. Robert Weitbrecht, a deaf scientist, developed the teletypewriter (TTY) in the 1960s.

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The technology made our life easier than before. After the invention of this device gave the kick to disables work and made them more self-dependent in terms of communication.

It’s given an important part Socializing in society; normally people talk every day about 3 to 5 hours on phone approximately and because of the phone we are able to communicate easier whenever and wherever we want to. Living in a smartphone 📱 it’s itself lucky for me.

Talking on this because, in the smartphone, the one feature allows you to add the facility of TTY in your phone itself, so don’t need to go through the big process let your phone do that also easier.

Let’s see it’s setting and how to update in your phone:

How to turn your phone in to try mode:

As it’s huge in size it cannot take anywhere as people want it’s difficult to carry. For that, the Android phone is a blessing for the people who use tty and yes we cannot understand the importance of it. Until don’t understand how the needy one uses it.

When you turn this mode on, you will find a slight change in functions of smart phone. It’s allows a person type while call is going on for communication

Steps need to follow for activating TTY mode in Android:

Every version of Android comes with inbuilt TTY mode.

All follow the same procedure of activating or deactivating will be different in different versions. But, you will find the process has so many steps similar in any of the version for activating TTY mode. It’s kept to simple, so let’s see the process more understanding.

Go to the dialer.

Look upside on right side, you will find 3 dots.➡️

Then go to settings click on it➡️.

Then click on accessibility➡️.

Now you can see TTY turn on it.

Always make sure, you learn setting how to activate and how to deactivate because while activity this mode there are little setting gets changed in dialer section also so learn them also 1st.


How to deactivate TTY mode?

When we implement the TTY mode in the phone the process of implementing is the same as the deactivation.

It’s not easy to live life but we can make it easier and happier just by trusting the process, living life with challenges and patience is the biggest deed only could be only done by mankind.

The technology already has created the biggest way to live life easier and yes, that what I love about technology.

TTY just made my day, I am happy for helping my friend because of try only.

Hope you do well while using process, but if you find any query pls let me know in the comment section.

Stay happy humbaa is always here to help you to solve your queries and makes you updated person

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