What Is ‘WRT’? or What does w.r.t stands for?

What does WRT meaning?

WRT is an abbreviation and it stands for “with respect to”. This
is the acronym and it is very commonly used in email subject lines, text messages and to explain one thing related to others.

Where Do We Use?

WRT‘? Explain With. Examples-

WRT can be used in any kind of conversations; in subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. In fact, you can use this acronym ‘WRT‘ anywhere if something is in relation to other things. It results in the same if you reduce ‘w/r/t’ to ‘rt’. The definition on oxford dictionary.

This can be more understandable by giving some examples…

Examples of ‘WRT’

In Conversation (1st)
Here email is exchanging between Roopa and Shweta.

Roopa – I was the fastest runner in my school time. I covered a long distance

Shweta – How much distance did you cover WRT( with respect to) time?
Roopa – I covered 10 miles in just 50 minutes

Here, distance and time are related to each other. In lesser time Roopa
covered long-distance(WRT time)
In Conversation (2nd)
Kashvi – I am the smartest girl in our class. I score well always.

Rahul – Seriously? But Aisha is the topper so, WRT her, you are less

Here WRT is used to steer the conversation in your direction.

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