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Yandex Music is a streaming service for music; launched on 22nd September 2010. The developer of Yandex Music is non-other than Yandex, Which is a giant search engine mainly used by Russian peoples. It’s running platforms are Android and iOS.

Yandex Music
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You can have this amazing service in countries like Russia, Armenia, Israel, Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and many more. But Users have to pay to get the subscription and so here we will also talk about Yandex Music MOD APK in the end. You can also visit the Yandex Music youtube channel.

Approximately 20 million people use this service every month and it is very amazing to know that in October 2017, this streaming service had 40 million songs in its playlist. There are so many features available here like User can listen to music on-demand, You can stream music in your library; videos can also be saved and many other facilities.

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Before getting more knowledge of this streaming service, You should have to know, Why listening to music is so important? so here is the answer,

Nowadays, Everyone is busy in their works. No matter which age they belong to and due to the busy schedule people started getting depressed, taking the stress and they are not even getting to chill or relax somewhere.

Some are busy in jobs, Some are busy in studies, Some have personal issues, Some have family issues etc. and due to busy schedule, they have not time to do yoga or meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, improves memory etc. But As we already heard that every problem has a solution. So, here is the solution too and this is non-other than but listening to music.

Music will not separate you from your work. In fact, there are lots of benefits to listening to music. You can raise your mood and keep entertained while using your laptop, mobile, or doing any kind of work, while writing, jogging, eating, drinking etc. So there are some advantages to know about listening to music:

– It keeps you stress-free and improve your health.

– Listening music will ease your pain.

– Your cognition will improve.

– It will rise your mood or either it will calm your mood according to your condition.

– You will feel comfortable like, you will not feel lonely anywhere.

Thus, Listening music is one of the best thing to make you happy and stressfree.

Now you know better it’s importance, so let us highlight more details of Yandex Music.

So here we go,

History Of Yandex Music

Yandex music which provides you many contents like EMI, Monolith, Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal, First Movie Publishing and many others and also you can stream many tracks and albums of the artists, you want to listen. This Music Streaming Service had announced to get a separate service on 22nd September 2010.

It was all set to launch it’s streaming service and thus, Yandex launched its Music Application for iOS on 30th of May, 2012. Similarly, On May 2013, Yandex music was capable and released its Music Application for Android.

As time passes in October 2017, It started developing its music application and many other features come with that like personal music preferences and personal recommendation.

Later in October 2017, Yandex became successful to set up all the features. Users can have sections like,

-Users can select Playlists with new composition.

– Users can play music according to Charts.

-There are options for New Genres and New Releases.

After the redesign of the service, Yandex Music started launching in different countries. Thus, In June 2018, the launching of Music Application was launched in Armenia.

Again in October 2018, the interface of this streaming service translated into Hebrew as it was launched in Israel. All the Catalog converted into Hebrew for Israel country.

According to the history of Yandex Music, you learned that year by year it developed itself and become superb amazing as it approved many languages for other countries.

Technology Used by Yandex Music

Before listening to any kind of music, It is important to find your own taste and preferences thus, Yandex introduces its own technology “Disco“. It is full of information that provides it’s users an easy way to find out music according to their preferences. The good part is Yandex has an analytic technology named by “Crypta +“. By this technology, Yandex Music is able to identify your occupation, gender and age. Later this identification helps Disco to introduce such songs accordingly.

If you give negative signals like you are skipping the songs recommend by Disco, or you are marking the songs by “I don’t like” So, Disco will not recommend you that kind of music or songs again. Similarly, if you give positive signals by listening to the songs recommend by Disco and marking them with “like” on Yandex Music or on its Radio version. So, Disco technology will keep recommending to you that kind of songs.

Thus, this platform takes care of your interest and preferences of listening to music and the kind of technology it uses makes this music streaming service more special for music listeners.

According to the Users interests and preferences of music, Singular Value Decomposition + (SVD) which is an algorithm make sure how users will react other things like musical track or videos that depend on their ratings of movies.

Disco has hundreds of recommendation according to the approaches of millions of users.

There is another machine learning technology named by Matrix net +. This technology assures the user’s interest and recommends songs according to their choice of interest at a particular time. It has many contents. The Matrix Net + uses two factors to provide a recommendation.

1st. It gives varied music recommendation to the users who have different tracks of different albums and artists in their playlist.

2nd. There are also many users available who listen to music from a particular album and thus, it recommends more from the particular album.

What else you want then, Yandex Music takes care of yours by predicting your interests and giving you recommendation accordingly. And to form your personal choice recommendation, Yandex Music uses artificial neural networks.

Features of Yandex Music

There are so many features available for its users. Let’s have a look in some of it’s features:

– Users get Personal Recommendation.

– Users can save music in their personal library.

– There is an option of Music On Demand.

– You can stream videos.

– You can directly search or there is another option of a search engine according to category.

– Users can also search your interested music by typing text or either you can type tunes.

– Users have an option to make their own playlist and transfer.

– Music selection can be done by media, label, brands and many more.

– Users can get maximum bitrate playback up to 320 kbps.

But there are many other features which are “locked”. Like You will notice add many times before or during your entertainment which is very irritating. You can not listen to music in HQ (High Quality). Downloading tracks in offline mode is not possible. You can not even use Yandex music app in any country throughout the world. Listening to the paid version of Yandex radio without any ads is not possible. It will support only Android and iOS devices.

All these features can be “unlocked” by Yandex music premium subscription but it’s not free. Yes, you have to pay for this. But there is another best and Amazing solution for this, i. e., Yandex Music MOD APK file.

But first, Let’s get highlighted about the advantages of Yandex Music Premium App.

Yandex Music Premium App

There are many limitations by using Yandex Music and all these limitations can be unlocked by its a premium subscription.

All the locking features which can be “unlocked” by Yandex Music Premium Subscription are below,

– You can keep your entertainment high without any disturbance of ads.

– You can listen musics in High Quality.

– You can even download tracks in offline mode to listen later in your free time.

– Using Yandex Music App throughout the world is possible by it’s Premium Subscription.

– You can listen it’s paid Yandex. radio interestingly without any ads.

– You can even use the web version of Yandex. Music for iPhone and iPad.

and many more …

But, all these features of this premium account can be beneficial only by payment method.

No, no… there is another best option here and by this, u can have all these advantages without a single penny. And this is Yandex Music MOD APK.

So let’s talk about all the advantages of this MOD Version.

Yandex Music MOD APK

Yandex Music MOD APK is the modified version of Yandex Music which is full of benefits that you guys are searching for. Yes, You will get all the advantages of the premium account without any charge. It’s Totally Free!

Features Of MOD version

You will see all the features “unlocked” like in the Premium Subscription. For example, Disable ads, listening to music in High Quality, Can save tracks in offline mode, can use this app anywhere in the world, Use Yandex. Radio with free ads and many more.

Yes, We are here to make you lucky people happy always. This Mod version is the best file to keep your enjoy into another level. You would love to use this!

So don’t wait…Download, Listen, Enjoy!

Below is the link to Download Yandex Music MOD APK…

Download Yandex Music (MOD, Plus Subscription)

UpdateNovember 22, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Latest Version
Yandex Mod Apk Latest Version

If you don’t know the process of installation of this MOD version, so here we are providing you with the easy steps to follow :

– First of all, You have to uninstall the Yandex Music if you already have in your device.

– Go to the setting of your device and enable unknown sources.

– Click on the above link to download and simply install.

– Now, the icon will appear in your Home Screen.

– Have fun!

Thank you!

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